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Your CORE team has created this site as a resource for enrichment activities, information about CORE classes and some of the resources CORE teachers may use during their instruction. The buttons below will help you jump to the page for that specific CORE class. You also can use the links at the top of this page.

Temporarily Remote Learners...

You will need to attend CORE by joining the REMOTE learning CORE class. That means you will follow the CORE schedule posted below, NOT your regular class CORE schedule. ALL Remote CORE classes are held from 1:20-1:50 on days 1-5. There are no remote CORE classes on Day 6.

Day 1

PE: Kindergarten

Music: Grade 1

Computer: Grade 2

Library: Grade 3

Art: Grade 4

Day 4

PE: Grade 3

Music: Grade 4

Computer: Kindergarten

Library: Grade 1

Art: Grade 2

Day 2

PE: Grade 1

Music: Grade 2

Computer: Grade 3

Library: Grade 4

Art: Kindergarten

Day 5

PE: Grade 4

Music: Kindergarten

Computer: Grade 1

Library: Grade 2

Art: Grade 3

Day 3

PE: Grade 2

Music: Grade 3

Computer: Grade 4

Library: Kindergarten

Art: Grade 1

Remote Learners

Your CORE teacher will provide links to lesson materials either here or on the WES Kids eboard. The eboard will show up as the home page on your computer or you can click on the link here.

In-Person Learners

Most of the materials you will need will be given to you in class or on the eboard, which is the homepage on your computer. On this site you can find some additional fun activities to do at home or during your free time.

PARENTS AND STUDENTS: If you have any questions or problems with any of the assignments or activities we have prepared for you, please be sure to contact us by email. You can click on the buttons below.

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