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Welcome to the Wells Elementary School Nurse's Website! Please use the drop down arrow next to "Menu" at the upper right corner of this page to access forms, information and resources, frequently asked questions, and WES staff trainings.

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Welcome everyone! I am very much looking forward to meeting new students and catching up with returning students! Below is information for students and families to review. Much of it includes frequently asked questions. There are additional forms and information located in the menu tab at the top right hand side of the web page. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns.

~Catherine Finch, RN

Emergency and Contact Forms:

Correct and updated emergency and contact information is crucial in the school nurse's office. When parents/guardians need to be contacted by the school nurse, it is very important to list home/cell phone numbers, place of occupation, work phone numbers/extensions, and which to call first during the school day.

Providing the place of occupation is another way that the school nurse can verify that the correct person has been contacted. Alternate family/friend contacts can also be listed on the form in the event you cannot be reached right away.

It is also very helpful to update the school nurse and main office if you have a change in any of these phone numbers anytime during the school year. Thank you in advance for doing this!

Can a student receive medication during the school day?

WOCSD policy states that students needing prescription or over the counter medications during the school day must have a signed permission from their parent/guardian AND health care provider. The medication must be brought in original packaging with all labels/prescription labels intact, attached to the medication bottle/package, and easily read. Any labels/prescription labels that are not intact and/or cannot be easily read, cannot be given at school and the school nurse will reach out the the parent/guardian.

The school nurses have a standing order from our school physician to administer acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin) with parent/guardian permission. NO ASPIRIN PRODUCTS WILL BE ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL WITHOUT A MEDICAL ORDER DUE TO THE RISK OF REYE'S SYNDROME.

The following is a “rule of thumb” regarding the use of cough drops at school: Students may have cough drops if the parents or guardians send a note to school with the cough drops.

The Maine Board of Nursing decided that cough drops that contain medication (if they contain ROBITUSSIN, DM (Dextromethorpan), menthol or similar) should be considered medication and would therefore need a health care provider order to administer. Cough drops that are flavored lozenges would not be considered medication and therefore would not need a provider order. The cough drops are to be given at the discretion of the classroom teacher. This is to ensue that they are not consumed like candy. Due to the risk of choking, cough drops are not to be allowed at recess or during physical education.

Students should not be carrying any medications on their person at school with the exceptions of.......

1. ASTHMA INHALERS: students needing to carry an asthma inhaler during school hours should have an asthma action plan on file with the school nurse. This plan needs to be updated each year.

2. EPI-PENS: students carrying EPI-PENS at school should have an updated Maine Allergy Action plan on file with the school nurse. This plan needs to be updated each year.

These forms can be found on the drop down menu next to the home button on the top right of the screen, or you can click on the button below.

How do I let the school know my child is out sick?

Please call the school at 207-646-5953. Press "1" for the ChildWatch message line. You will then be asked to leave a message with requested information. You can call this number and leave a message with ChildWatch at any time, even at 2AM.

What about clothing accidents at school?

Clothing accidents can affect all students of all ages. Food and beverage spills, bathroom accidents, tears/holes, wet clothing from outside snow play, are just a few things that can happen during the school day. It is recommended to have an extra set of clothes for students in their back pack that change with the seasons. There is a supply of clothing in the clinic for emergencies that include: socks, undergarments, shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and jackets. There is a varied and limited supply of outdoor winter clothing as well as boots and sneakers. The school is unable to wash any clothing for students.

All other questions-please call the school nurse at #207-641-6979, or email at You can also view more frequently asked questions under the menu tab.

Thank you!