Señora Hernandez

Español I y II


Me llamo Andrea Hernandez, y soy la maestra de español I y II en Wells High School. Llevo 1 año enseñando en los EEUU. Antes, yo trabajé como maestra de inglés en España por dos años. Acabo de terminar el programa de ETEP en USM, y este año es mi primer año entero en Wells. Estoy muy emocionada para tener un año divertido y lleno de conversaciones interesantes. Espero compartir mi amor por la cultura española y la lengua con los estudiantes.


My Name is Andrea Hernandez, and I am the Spanish I and II teacher at Wells High School. I have been teaching for 1 year in the USA. Beforehand, I was an English Teacher in Spain for 2 years. I just finished the ETEP program at USM, and this is my first full year in Wells. I am very excited to have a fun year full of interesting conversations. I am looking forward to sharing my love for the Spanish culture and language with the students.

My interests include:

  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Singing, dancing and acting
  • Cats, Spanish food, Mexican food... most foods!

I look forward to getting to know everyone. Email me with any questions or comments

Class materials:

  • 3-ring binder with lined paper
    • If a student is unable to get a binder, please reach out to me, and I can give the student a gently used binder (according to inventory in the classroom)
  • Pens/Pencils
  • 1 pack of 3"x5" notecards

Classroom Expectations:

As a student in Señora Hernandez’s classroom, you are to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Arrive to class on time
    • All students without a pass will be marked tardy
  • Bring your materials
    • Be prepared by bringing your binder and all materials needed for the class
  • Come to class willing to participate
    • Part of attendance is participation--students must participate in class
  • Discuss topics related to classwork
    • During class you should stay on task with limited side chatter


  • Homework will be assigned two days a week: Monday and Wednesday
    • Homework is due the next class day unless otherwise specified
  • Homework will be posted on the dry erase board in the classroom and on Google Classroom


  • Unless otherwise specified, the use of cell phones is prohibited in the classroom
    • If used, cell phones will be taken from students and stored for the remainder of the class
  • Some homework will be assigned that is dependent on the use of a laptop. Students without computer access at home can work with Sra. Hernandez to get a computer from the library for use for the assignment.

Online Translator Policy:

  • While it is a helpful tool to use as a single-word dictionary, Online Translators should not be used to translate sentences or long text.
  • The use of an online translator for sentence formation on any assignment will be considered "cheating" or "copying" since the student did not create the work using their own vocabulary or conjugation skills.
    • This will result in a 0, and the student will have the opportunity to re-do the assignment for 80% of its worth.


  • Receptive (Listening and Reading) 45%
  • Expressive (Speaking and Writing) 45%
  • Learning Practice 10%

*Assignments will be weighted according to complexity and importance. Assignments will have an R and/or E grade according to the skill(s) that it assesses. Tasks such as homework and in-class warm-ups will be given Learning Practice scores.

Google Classroom:

  • All assignments that require work outside of the classroom will be posted to Google Classroom
  • Google Classroom will also feature helpful study sites and links to resources

Late Work:

  • Students will have one week to make up late assignments (unless otherwise discussed)
  • Items turned in after the due date will not receive full credit

Extra Help:

  • Students may come in before or after school for extra help. To ensure that I am in the classroom to provide assistance, it is suggested that I am given 24 hours notice.
  • My prep period is Period 2, and I have duty in the 3rd floor study area during Period 3. I am available during those times as well.

Wells High School Mission Statement

"Our mission is to empower all students through individualized instruction to become literate critical thinkers

and problem solvers committed to civic engagement."