Room # 217 Dr. C's Second Graders


People read on own / to self for 1 hr 20 min!! WOW! That's some strong stamina for reading!


MATH: We are learning about GEOMETRY--Polygons, sides, angles, and their names. We will continue to work on place value and word problems.

SOCIAL STUDIES: MAPS!!!! We learned that maps are fun, you can find interesting places--even towns that are named after people! Everyone has their own map of Maine! Students had to find specific places on the map and mark them. They also made simple maps of Wells, their bedrooms, and how to get from our classroom to the CORE classes in school!

SCIENCE: We are learning about DINOSAURS and prehistoric animals. Each student chose a dinosaur to conduct research about and will be creating a trifold report and a piece of artwork about his or her dinosaur. Our science groups are interesting and everything we are learning is placed in individual "Paleontology Journals" that will come home when we are finished with this unit of study!

Parent - Student - Teacher Conferences are coming up! Nov. 2 and Nov. 7. Please contact me if you haven't signed up for a time to meet!

Our class HALLOWEEN PARTY will be on Tuesday October 31, 1:00-1:45. No costumes, masks, or face paint.

We went outdoors and used our METRIC MEASUREMENT SKILL and KNOWLEDGE to measure objects on the playground! Awesome work!

Enjoying a Piggie and Gerald book by Mo Willems during Read On Own!

Viewing, listening to, and reading computer sites is an important part of Daily 5! Here, people are learning about autumn and plants with and without seeds on the site Brainpop!

Reading with a Buddy is a great way to practice voice intonation, fluency, and it's just plain fun!

Practicing sight word spelling.

Read on Own is a very popular choice during Daily 5 / CAFE reading time! Four people each round get to get comfy in the book nook and read, read, read!

We have been learning about how to Read with a Buddy. This is an important part of our Daily 5 / CAFE reading time every day!

Here, two students demonstrate the right way to read with a buddy--Elbow to Elbow and Knee to Knee; share the book; taking turns reading using quiet voices.

Sept. 22, 2017. Next Tuesday and Thursday students will be taking the NWEA standardized test. I will be examining class and individual data to help me tailor my instruction to meet student needs.

Today, we continued a serious, and likely, on-going class discussion about personal responsibility for listening and completing work. I have a very talkative class! As a community, we are working to figure out ways for everyone to learn to be attentive and focused--there are as many ways as students! We listened to a chime ring with lights off and eyes closed. This helped calm everyone! I will continue to employ this technique along with others in the future.

September 21, 2017. Students are researching about their animals! They have started to locate specific facts to write a brief research report. One of the fun things is discovering the animal's scientific name!

We are a 5210 school! What does that mean? Check out to learn more about being a healthy school!

Book orders are due on Thursday Sept. 28th. If you would like to order on-line, go to our class code is HGPTB. Or send in your order with cash or a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs>

September 13, 2017. We have had a very busy first week of school! We have worked on building stamina for Read on Own; we are practicing our expectations for Read with a Buddy! We have learned how to use scissors correctly, making streamers that hang from the lights! We have used a science tool-hand lens- to observe sweet potatoes, leaves, and hydrangea flowers! We have started to use Math Notebooks to show what we know about math questions and problem solving.

We have read aloud all of the books in the Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo and all of the books in the Scaredy Squirrel series by Melanie Watt. Ask your child who likes hot buttered toast.......and who plays dead, when all else fails!

Our class earns 'stones' every day for cleaning up after snack. One of our class jobs is the "Stone Inspector", who checks the tables for floors after clean up. We will brainstorm a list of celebration ideas when we earn them all; then we will vote on celebrations throughout the year!

We are developing our class rules. Each person wrote 2 rules on cards, we discussed them and then we sorted them into 2 categories: Be Kind and Do Your Best.

THese are our finished classroom rules: Be Kind and Do Your Best

Be Kind:

Looks Like:

Friends helping each other.

People being honest and understanding.

People being responsible for themselves.

People being respectful of others & property.

People are polite: sharing & taking turns.

People are having fun but not being loud and silly.

Sounds Like:

People using friendly words and language: please, thank you, you are welcome, sorry.

People are listening to others speak—no interruptions.

People invite others to join them—for work and for play.

Having fun but not being loud and silly!

Feels Like:

Your body is calm.

Your heart feels happy.

You are happy because people are being nice to you and you are being nice to them.

You know you are doing the right thing.

Do Your Best:

Looks Like:

People taking their time to work:

Use pencil first when drawing;

Use realistic details like size, colors, & positions;

People keep trying to get better and better.

People helping each other and being kind.

People focusing their attention at all times.

People quiet & concentrating on their work.

People working hard and trying their best.

Practice and try and never give up!

Sounds Like:

A quiet, peaceful classroom—not silent but busy.

People helping each other.

People talking about their work and their learning.

Feels like:

You are proud of yourself!

You feel like you are getting smarter!

You feel excited to learn!

You feel like the best learner you can be!