AP Lang

Welcome to the AP Language Course homepage. Please know that daily assignments are linked on Jupiter Grades and that’s your best resource for day-to-day course info (all weekly sheets are linked there).

Here you can find the summer assignment and reading list, as well as the course overview. Please email your teacher (rmurphy or rfollansbee@wocsd.org) with any questions about the assignment. Here is a sample journal from a past student.

About the class:

This class runs like a college seminar, with a diverse array of weekly readings you are expected to be prepared to discuss in class and analyze in writing. Typically you can expect 20-40 minutes of reading per night and a 1-3 page essay each week (averages only). You will be challenged to understand the many different types of choices writers make to create an effective text, and you will work to apply this understanding when making choices in your own writing. This will prepare you for the AP exam in May.


Students will have frequent one-on-one writing conferences, but please reach out via email if you have questions or concerns about the class. rfollansbee@wocsd.org