Augmenting Reality

And Engaging Learners

Presented by Beth Goodwin, Annette Slone

and Eric Lawson


At this session you will...

Learn the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and how to incorporate these into the SAMR model and your instruction

Explore free augmented reality apps including Quiver, Aurasma, Blippar, and Cardboard

Discover how to incorporate Google Expeditions into your content instruction

Participate in a demo of Google Expeditions given with options to view the demo from both the student and teacher side of the lesson

The SCOOP on Blippar: recognizes any item in the world. Lots of advertising use, including 'Saturday Morning Cereals'.

Great way to support special needs students.

The SCOOP on Aurasma:

Connect digital content (like videos) to target images in books, on the wall, and more!

The SCOOP on Quiver: Download free target images, download the app, scan the image and watch it come to life. Great to use with writing prompts, Dot Day, and expressive language.

Get started with Quiver here

The SCOOP on Wikitude:

Drop in a Google Map (with location points) and make your own educational version of Pokemon Go!

Check out Micah Shippee's work and website.

The SCOOP on Google Expeditions:

Virtual fieldtrips to just about anywhere, complete with tour scripts for the guide.