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My Bio

I am very excited to be starting my 3rd year Bellows Falls Middle School and my 16th year as a classroom teacher. My family and I moved to Brattleboro from Gainesville, Florida just 5 years ago. My husband works at a local high school and my son, Sebastian is a student in the 4rd grade. Previously, I taught high school History and Reading, at Gainesville High School, for 10 years. I had had students of all ages and diverse academic abilities, I taught English Language Learners (ELL), Advance Placement classes and everyone in between. I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in History and a minor in Education. I am currently hold a Vermont Certificate in History and Reading/LA Specialist. While at GHS, I mentored 12 graduate students through the University of Florida ProTeach, helping them complete their semester teaching practicum.

I love teaching, I use every means available to me to try to make class engaging and exciting. We create presentations, watch interesting and new videos, keep portfolios, learn new vocabulary and key concepts, learn to write about history, but most importantly I try to get my students to learn and understand their learning, helping them to be more successful in all their classes.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your student, I can be reached almost anytime at linda.alvarez@wnesu.org

7th Grade

7th Grade Social Studies

Topics of Study:

  • Establishment of U.S. Constitution and Branches of Government

  • Civil War (causes through Reconstruction)

  • Civil Rights Immigration (past and present)

  • Current Events- throughout the year


Throughout our studies this year we will use readings and activities from a variety of sources in order to study, analyze and problem solve through local, regional, and global conflict. The course is designed to introduce students to the skills of the social studies through the study of America’s internal conflicts. This means that our class will aim for exposure and exploration in the fields of history, civics, geography, anthropology, psychology, sociology, political science, and economics. We will be using a holistic, humanities- driven approach.

8th Grade

8th Grade Social Studies

Topics we will study:

The American Experience

*1914 - 1945 World War I, inter-war period and World War 2

*Vietnam War

*Diplomacy and War on Terror 1992- present

*Current Events


Have a positive attitude

Be willing to learn

Believe in yourself

Do not give up

Ask questions

Respect self, others and classroom