One-to-One Chromebook Agreement

Bellows Falls Union High School


In order to best serve our students in the new digital world, Bellows Falls Union High School will assign every student a Chromebook, charger, and protective case for use in school and at home. This document defines the scope of this One-to-one initiative, care for the equipment, the role of the student and parent/guardian, and lastly being a good digital citizen. Please review this document with your student in its entirety.

Students and their parents/guardians are reminded that the use of district technology is a privilege and not a right and that everything done on any district-owned computer, network, or electronic communication device may be monitored by school authorities or school safety and compliance software. Inappropriate use of district technology can result in limited or banned computer use, and/or disciplinary consequences.

Ownership of the Equipment

Bellows Falls Union High School retains sole ownership of equipment. The equipment is lent to students for educational purposes only for the academic year. Moreover, school administration, faculty, and staff retain the right to collect and/or inspect the equipment at any time, including via remote access software that may restrict browsing access both at school or at home.

Student Responsibilities

Students are solely responsible for the equipment issued to them and must adhere to the following:

  • Students must comply with local, state, and federal laws, school and district policies, and the WNESU Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Students must bring their Chromebooks to school every day and make sure they are fully charged. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. (Note: A fully charged Chromebook assigned by our school should last at least 8 hours.)
  • Students must treat their device with care and never leave it in an unsecured or unsafe location.
  • Students must keep their equipment in assigned protective gear at all times.
  • Students may not remove or interfere with the serial number and other identification tags.
  • Students may not attempt to remove and/or change the physical structure of Equipment, including Chromebook keys, screen covers, plastic casings, or protective gear.
  • Students may not install or run any operating system other than the ChromeOS operating system supported by the district.
  • Students must keep their devices clean and must not touch the screen with anything (e.g., your finger, pen, pencil, etc.) other than approved computer screen cleaners.

Parent Responsibilities

  • I understand that the equipment loaned to my student must only be used by the one student who has signed this agreement. The equipment is not meant for family use and should not be shared or accessed by anyone but the student.
  • I accept full responsibility for supervision when my child is using the equipment in a setting other than school or school-sponsored events.
  • I recognize that it is impossible to restrict access to all controversial or inappropriate materials. I will not hold the school or district responsible for materials acquired over the Internet.
  • I understand that the district is not responsible for any financial loss due to improper use of the Chromebook.
  • I understand that if my child is disciplined or suspended, privileges to use the equipment may be restricted or revoked.
  • I understand that the school reserves the right to require full payment of a new Chromebook or cost of repair if my child or any member of my family causes deliberate, malicious, and/or negligent damage to the Chromebook or contributes to or is involved in the theft of the Chromebook. I further understand that the police may be contacted upon such an occurrence. Any damage or loss should be reported to your student's school immediately.
  • My student will notify an adult at the school immediately (within 2 days) in the event of theft, vandalism, unauthorized use or damage to the equipment.
  • I promise that we will return the equipment immediately (within 2 days) if we move, or if my child withdraws from the school for any reason during the school year. I understand that if this does not happen within five school days of departure that I will be billed for and held legally responsible for paying for the cost of new equipment with a total cost of approximately $255.00.

Damaged Chromebooks

Like textbooks and other district property issued to your student, there is a responsibility to take care of these valuable resources. Full equipment load-out for our One-to-one initiative costs around $255.

  1. Repairs If a Chromebook can be repaired, we will perform the first repair for free. Any additional repairs will be $50. We can repair screens, keyboards, and batteries. We will replace the first charger for free whether it is damaged or lost. Additional chargers will be $30. We will make every effort to repair a Chromebook. We want these devices working as much as you do.
  2. Lost or Damaged Beyond Repair If a Chromebook is lost or has been damaged intentionally or through negligence or malice, the family will be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement. If a lost Chromebook is found/recovered in good working order after a fine has been issued, a refund will be issued.

Digital Citizenship

Students must follow the six conditions of being a good digital citizen:

1. Respect Yourself. ​I will show respect for myself through my actions. I will select online names that are appropriate, I will consider the information and images that I post online. I will consider what personal information about my life, experiences, experimentation or relationships I post. I will not be obscene.

2. Protect Yourself​. I will ensure that the information, images, and materials I post online will not put me at risk. I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me. I will protect passwords, accounts, and resources.

3. Respect Others​. I will show respect to others. I will not use electronic mediums to antagonize, bully, harass or stalk other people. I will show respect for other people in my choice of websites, I will not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate. I will not abuse my rights of access and I will not enter other people's private spaces or areas.

4. Protect Others​. I will protect others by reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications; I will moderate unacceptable materials and conversations, and not visiting sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate.

5. Respect Intellectual Property​. I will request permission to use resources. I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media, etc. I will acknowledge all primary sources. I will validate information. I will use and abide by the fair use rules.

6. Protect Intellectual Property​. I will request to use the software and media others produce. I will use free and open-source alternatives rather than pirating software. I will purchase, license and register all software. I will purchase my music and media, and refrain from distributing these in a manner that violates their licenses. I will act with integrity.