BFUHS Student Handbook

406 High School Road

Westminster, VT 05158

Phone: 802-463-3944

Fax: 802-463-9322

BFUHS Mission

The mission of Bellows Falls Union High School is to provide all students with the opportunity to expand their intellectual, social and physical capabilities, to foster their emotional growth and to assist them in recognizing and achieving their fullest potential.

BFUHS Beliefs

The Bellows Falls Union High School is committed to the following beliefs about learning:

  • Students learn best when the school environment is safe, supportive, and cooperative.

  • Students learn best when they are recognized as individuals and are fully engaged in lessons tailored to their needs, abilities, and educational goals.

  • Students learn best when they become self-aware, self-motivated, community members with short and long term goals.

  • Students learn best when relationships are formed between faculty, students, parents, and community, and when faculty members maintain a high degree of professionalism.

  • Students learn best when the curriculum is flexible, challenging, appropriate, creative and applicable to all aspects of life.

BFUHS Vision of the Graduate

School Song

Bellows Falls ever glorious

Bellows Falls to you we sing

Bellows Falls e'er victorious

Your praises ever ring

On the field, the field of conflict

We will fight for the right

To be loyal, loyal ever

To the purple and the white

Rah! Rah! (Repeat)

“Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve”

Counseling Office

General Information

School Counselors assist students with educational and career decision making, as well as personal development. Counselors are available to meet with students and/or parents/guardians from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. School counselors will meet with their assigned students at least twice a year for academic, career and personal counseling. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselors during Learning Lab periods, rather than missing class time.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to call the secretary in the counseling office at 463-3944, ext. 206 to schedule appointments.

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students must request a program change within 7 school days after the start of the semester for first semester classes and for second semester classes with approval by parents/guardians and school counselors. After 7 school days, all courses to be added require teacher approval.

Student Records

Parents/guardians and students eighteen years or older, have the right to inspect and review any and all official records, files, and data directly related to the student, including all material that is incorporated into each student's cumulative record folder. Parents/guardians and students eighteen years or older may challenge records which they believe to be inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of students. Consent must be obtained before disclosing information about students to anyone other than specific school personnel. A copy of the Student Records Policy may be obtained by contacting the Counseling Office or the Windham Northeast Superintendent's office at 463-9958.

Important Test Dates for 2021-2022

SAT's (All tests begin at 8:00 a.m. on the indicated date; Use the link below to find testing dates. Contact the Guidance Office for locations of the tests.)


Wednesday, October 13, 2021 (given at BFUHS 8:00 noon) More information on these tests is available at

Transfer Students and Credit

Course credit being transferred from another high school (transfer student, on-line courses, etc.) will be placed on a student's transcript based on the grading criteria/standards of the sending institution.

Homework Requests

Parents/guardians are requested to provide the Attendance Office with the following information when calling to request homework for students who will be absent for an extended period of time.

  • phone number where you may be reached.

  • length of time the student is likely to be out of school.

  • name of a person who will pick up assignments.

Every effort will be made to have homework available within a 24-hour period. Because of the coordination necessary to obtain information from all teachers, contact the Attendance Office to be certain requested materials are ready before coming to school.

Grading System

Proficiency Based Grading System:

Proficiency Based Grading System: The State of Vermont has mandated that beginning with the Class of 2020 students will be assessed relative to a set of standards, or proficiencies, in order to make progress toward earning a diploma. Each course taken will have a set of proficiencies associated with the class. Success on those proficiencies will determine if a student will earn credit for the class. Grades within this system will be recorded and reported on a four-point scale, with the points indicating a student’s level of mastery of the individual proficiencies according to the following table:

1 2 3 4

Little to no Evidence Nearly or partially Meets Standards Meets Standards Exceeds Standards

As well as state mandated proficiency grades, we will also still be reporting “traditional grades.” That system is summarized below:

Letter Grades

A Exceeds Standards— P Pass with distinction

B Exceeds Standards I Incomplete

C Meets Standards W Withdrawal

NY Not yet (indicates failing to meet certain standards) WP Withdrawal Pass

F Failing Grade WF Withdrawal Failure

Failing grades (grades of F) will be assigned as the final grade when the student performance is below the standard for content mastery and the most reasonable recourse for mastering the content is to repeat the course.

Students who receive grades of I or F as a progress grade (a grade prior to the final grade) will be expected to meet with his/her teacher outside of the normal class time on a regular basis until the grade is improved to a C- or better. Receipt of a failing grade as a final grade will require repeating the course in order to receive credit. A grade of I at the end of the course will require successful completion of a “Plan for Recovering Credit” that must be completed within a reasonable time frame as determined by a meeting between the teacher and student.

Credit Recovery

If a student does not successfully pass a course the teacher may recommend them for Credit Recovery. This can take a variety of forms but would ideally be facilitated, supported, and supervised by a BFUHS teacher during summer school. If that is not possible alternatives can be discussed with a school counselor. When the student has successfully completed Credit Recovery the “F” or “Not Yet” on their transcript will be replaced with a “C-”

Retaking a Class

If a student chooses to retake a class they successfully passed, the original grade will remain on their transcript along with the new grade. Except in certain situations in certain courses (ex: PE) students will not receive additional credits for taking and passing a course more than once.

Terrier Time

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, opportunities for extra help with all teachers will be scheduled in the last half-hour of the school day through the use of our “Terrier Time” schedule. This is a chance for students to schedule extra help with specific teachers or for teachers to schedule students with them if they deem the extra help necessary. If neither teacher nor student sees a need for extra help on a particular day, a student can be scheduled for time to work independently on their school work in their homeroom or an enrichment opportunity to work with a staff member on certain co-curricular activities or unique projects. For example, it is a great time for seniors to devote to the Senior Projects.

Homework Lab

To support ninth and tenth grade success in class through homework completion, any freshman or sophomore that does not complete their homework on any day will be assigned mandatory homework lab after school that day. Students will meet after school from 2:55-4:00. Calls will be made home as soon as teachers have notified the Freshman Academy representative in charge. Extra-curricular activities are not an excuse to miss Homework Lab. In fact, coaches will be notified if one of their players is needed in attendance and they will see to it that they are present. Juniors or seniors in these courses may be recommended for the Homework Lab as well. Any freshman that does not attend will be required to make up for the missed time during their homeroom and snack time or at the discretion of the administration. Students that repeatedly fail to attend may face other disciplinary consequences. The best way to prepare yourself for class and not be required to stay after school is to complete your homework. Each teacher will determine whether the homework has been completed satisfactorily.

Students do not have to be assigned to the Homework Lab to attend. The Homework Lab welcomes any and all students to come by and work on their academics.

Class Rank

A weighted grading system reflecting the level of instruction of each course is used to determine class rank. All classes, except those designated as “unleveled” (U), are included in computing the Grade Point Average (GPA) using the grade point table below. A student receives these points for grades earned in a particular course (see Program of Studies for course levels). Points for all classes are then added together, divided by the number of credits a student has attempted, and a GPA is determined. All students are then ranked within their class according to their earned GPA.

(Levels of Instruction)

2 3 4 5

A+ 5.33 6.33 7.33 8.33

A 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00

A- 4.67 5.67 6.67 7.67

B+ 4.33 5.33 6.33 7.33

B 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00

B- 3.67 4.67 5.67 6.67

C+ 3.33 4.33 5.33 6.33

C 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00

C- 2.67 3.67 4.67 5.67

F 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00


Academic achievement is highly valued. At the end of each report card/marking period, students will receive recognition for academic honors on an HONOR ROLL divided into three categories:

1) HIGH HONORS ELIGIBILITY ... those students who have earned all "A" grades in their course work with one "B" allowed (enrollment in 6 credits over the whole year required.)

2) HONORS ELIGIBILITY ... those students who have earned all "B" grades or better in their course work and who are not eligible for High Honors (enrollment in 6 credits over the whole year required.)

3) INTERNAL HONORS ELIGIBILITY... those students who are recognized by their teachers for exceptional work or considerable improvement in the classroom. With hard work and dedication, any student may achieve this recognition.

National Honor Society

Membership in the Jessie A. Judd and Merilee Huntoon Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. To be eligible, a student must attain an average of 5.0 or better on the weighted scale in scholarship for the first two and one-half (2 1/2) years of school and maintain that average. New members are inducted into the society at special programs held in the winter and spring.

Class Night

Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to visit or call the Counseling Office (463-3944) early in the school year to inquire about the various awards and/or scholarships which might be available to BFUHS students. At Senior Class Night, during graduation week, over fifty awards are available to BFUHS graduates to honor the outstanding achievements of the senior class.


Mid-year and Final Exams are required for all students in all classes and are administered at the end of each semester. Teachers have the option to determine what percentage of the final exam will count towards the final grade. Each teacher will announce the policy to his/her class.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be prepared by teachers for students during the fourth or fifth week of every marking period. Progress reports enhance communication between school and home, advising parents of students’ efforts to date. Progress reports may note highly satisfactory progress or indicate serious deficiencies in performance. If a parent has questions regarding any grade report, contact the teacher(s) involved and/or the guidance office.

Report Cards

Reports Cards are issued at the end of each quarter to report student progress at the end of the 10-week session. Letter grades and proficiency grades are used to designate a student's progress (see graduation requirements) and comments may also be included.

Parent Portal in Powerschool

Every student and parent will be provided with a username and password that will give access to up-to-date grade information along with other useful and timely information about our school and our academic program.

School Calendar

Graduation Requirements

BFUHS students must accumulate a minimum of twenty-eight (28) credits in order to graduate. The following graduation requirements and guidelines have been established:

English 4 Credits

Social Studies 3 Credits*

Mathematics 4 Credits

Science 3 Credits

Physical Education 1.5 Credits

Electives 9.5 Credits

Foreign Language 1 Credit

Fine Arts 1 Credit

Health 1 Credit

Community Service 40 hours (non-credit)

Senior Project Successful Completion (non-credit)

*At least one credit U.S. History or its equivalent and at least once credit of modern world studies or its equivalent.

Class Standing/Promotion

Promotion from one grade to the next is based on the following criteria:

Promotion from Grade 9 to Grade 10

A total of six (6) credits are required.

Promotion from Grade 10 to Grade 11

A total of thirteen (13) credits are required, including:

One credit each of English, Social Studies, Math, Science.

Promotion from Grade 11 to Grade 12

A total of twenty (20) credits are required, including:

Two credits each of English, Social Studies, Math, Science.

Early College

This is a full year alternative to the senior year of high school. Students take courses in college, completing their senior year of high school, and their freshman year of college simultaneously-tuition-free Programs are available at Vermont colleges. See your guidance counselor for details.


In addition to BFUHS' Counseling Office, the following services are in place in our building to help support students through their school career.

Educational Support Team (EST)

Information can be found here

The Alternative Education Program (AEP)

Through the Educational Support Team, a recommendation may be made for the student to continue his/her education in the Alternative Education Program (AEP). This program is designed to reduce the number of high school dropouts by providing an alternative learning environment than the one offered through the traditional high school program at BFUHS. Students in this program can participate in nearly all programs available through the high school. Students can enter the program only through a recommendation from the EST. (Please refer to the previous section for information on the EST.)


Student Passes

Our goal is to provide an environment conducive to learning and free of ongoing disruptions, as well as to assure parent(s)/guardian(s) that students are under direct supervision. Times when students need to leave the classroom, learning lab, library, or assigned area, teachers should have the student sign out using the student sign-out form on their Chromebook or personal device.

Learning Labs

Some of the students at BFUHS will have a Learning Lab scheduled during the regular school day. The Learning Lab is part of the school day in which students have the opportunity to catch up with their work or plan ahead. Learning Labs are not periods of time designed for social purposes, phone calls, leaving the building or the school campus.

Learning Labs provide an excellent opportunity to study, do homework, visit the library for school related purposes, engage in sustained reading, work quietly on projects in small groups, arrange an appointment with a school counselor or arrange for assistance/meetings with a teacher, advisor, or administrator. These meetings must be pre-arranged.

ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED IN A LEARNING LAB AS IT IS IN ALL OTHER PERIODS OF THE SCHOOL DAY. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each Learning Lab period. Even if students have made pre-arranged appointments for part of the period (i.e., guidance counselor, nurse, coach, advisor, library, etc.), and have already obtained a signed/dated pass. Students must first report to their assigned Learning Lab for attendance purposes each period.

The Library/Media Center

The Library/Media Center is available to the students, faculty, and staff with support from the library/media specialist between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:25 PM on school days.

Teachers must sign-up at the circulation desk and online if they intend to bring a class of students to the library/media center.

Students may come to the library/media center from their learning labs, lunch, and during any other free period, but only with permission from a teacher, the library media specialist or administration. If the student accesses the library with the pass from the library/media specialist, the student must show that pass to his/her teacher, and then report back to the library/media center and sign in. [Seniors making use of Senior Privilege may not use that time to stay in the library. Senior Privilege is designed to give seniors the opportunity to leave campus during time not scheduled for a class. Students that sign out as part of the Senior Privilege process must leave the school grounds.]

Library/Media Center rules must be observed at all times. These rules are posted at the circulation desk. All materials must be checked out at the circulation desk. Respect the rights of others. The Library/Media Center is a quiet place for the purpose of reading, research, or study.


Each student will be issued a 1 to 1 Chromebook while attending BFUHS. Students will be responsible for the computer, case, and power cable (see IT guide for computer protocol). Students may purchase their model when they graduate or return it.

School Nurse

The Vermont State School Nurses' Association recognizes that at the present time, many children are able to attend regular school because of the effective use of medication in the treatment of chronic disabilities or illnesses. We believe that it is more desirable for medication to be administered in the home. However, any student who is required to take medication during the regular school day must comply with the school regulations.

These regulations include:

  • Written orders from a physician including the name of the drug, dosage, reason, and times at which it is to be taken.

  • Written permission from the parent/guardian of the student requesting that the school district comply with the physician’s orders.

  • Medication must be brought to school in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician and immediately delivered to the school nurse.

  • A locked cabinet in the health office will be provided for the storage of medications.

  • Students should NOT bring medication to school. Disciplinary Action may be taken if a student is found in possession of medication, even over the counter medication.

  • Over the counter medication for pain relief and indigestion can only be obtained from the Health Office with written permission of the parent.

Students who need to visit the nurse may only do so with a pass from their teacher. Should the need arise to visit the nurse between classes, the student must first report to their next scheduled teacher for attendance first.

Students becoming ill during the school day may not leave school independently, but must report first to the nurse. The nurse will decide, following her assessment, the necessity to go home. The school nurse will first inform the parent/guardian, after which the student will be released from school.

If students are absent for over two days in a row OR if they have been seen by a physician for an illness or an injury, the parent should contact the school nurse (463-3944 ext. 211) so that there will be appropriate follow-up at school.

The nurse does not write passes to miss a gym class. Health concerns, both long term and short term, that may impact a student’s ability to participate must be brought to the attention of the Physical Education teacher(s) as soon as possible, students may be required to provide documentation from a physician.

Vermont Immunization Law (VSA 18, Chapter 23, Subchapter 4) requires new students and transfer students to be immunized before school entry unless exempted from immunization for medical, religious, or moral reasons. Section 1125 of the law allows local school boards to expand immunization requirements to other grades. Effective July 1, 1980, the Board of Education, in accordance with the regulations governing the above law, extended immunization requirements to all grades and all students.


Students reporting to the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period are to remain in the cafeteria during the entire assigned lunch period. The patio will only be open for lunches when adequate supervision is available and is approved by cafeteria supervision. Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria by the bell. Alternative lunch venues will be at the discretion of the administration. Expectations are that students will engage in appropriate conduct which demonstrates respect for fellow students, cafeteria workers, custodians, and supervisors. No students, except for those seniors with approved open campus privileges, are allowed to leave school grounds during lunch.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones must be silenced while in school. They must be put away, out of sight, at the beginning of each block or assembly and only used with the explicit permission of the teacher. Students who fail to follow this policy may have the cell phone confiscated by the teacher.

*Teachers may follow this policy with other smart devices.

School Telephones

School phones are not for student use unless permission is given by a staff member. Students should not use school phones without first given permission to do so. Cell phones are considered an electronic device, see above.

Dress Code

The responsibility for the dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and their parents or guardians.

Allowable Dress & Grooming

  • Students must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants or skirt, or the equivalent, and shoes.

  • Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front and on the sides.

  • Clothing must cover undergarments, waistbands and bra straps excluded.

  • Fabric covering all private parts must not be see through.

  • Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible and not interfere with the line of sight to any student or staff. Hoodies must allow the student face and ears to be visible to staff.

  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education, science labs, tech ed, and other activities where unique hazards exist.

  • Specialized courses may require specialized attire, such as sports uniforms or safety gear.

  • Teachers have discretion to require head coverings be removed in instructional or assessment scenarios

Non-Allowable Dress & Grooming

  • Clothing may not depict, advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances.

  • Clothing may not depict pornography, nudity or sexual acts.

  • Clothing may not use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or any other protected groups.

  • Clothing, including gang identifiers, must not threaten the health or safety of any other student or staff.

  • If the student’s attire or grooming threatens the health or safety of any other person, then discipline for dress or grooming violations should be consistent with discipline policies for similar violations.

Purple and White Days

Our schedule is a 4 x 4 block schedule. Most classes meet daily. Some classes may meet on alternate days – which are designated purple (day 1) and white (day 2) days. It is important to check your schedule to see when your classes meet and also check the "flag" in the main office to see if it is a purple or white day. This is especially important following school closings due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, etc.

Assembly Schedules

The morning and afternoon assembly schedules exist to afford us the opportunity to have events at our school for our students while maintaining all four blocks of instruction. The use of these schedules will be announced in advance and the bell system will be adjusted accordingly.

Fire Drills/Emergency Evacuations

Directions for leaving the building at the time of a fire drill or emergency evacuation are posted in all class areas. Teachers will discuss procedures, but it is important that students check these postings. For the safety of all students, these instructions should be followed with careful attention. Our goal for fire drills is a safe and orderly evacuation of the building in less than one minute.

School Closing/Delayed Opening

It sometimes becomes necessary to close school or delay opening at the last minute because of circumstances beyond the control of school personnel (i.e., poor weather, loss of electricity). The superintendent is solely responsible for this decision. If the decision is made to close school or delay opening you can expect to receive an automated call as soon as possible after the decision has been made. Additionally, this information will be posted on the WNESU website (, and will be publicized on local TV and radio including WCAX in Burlington, VT, WKNE in Keene (FM 103.7), WKVT in Brattleboro (FM 92.7), WWOD in West Lebanon (FM 104.3), and WTSA in Brattleboro (FM 96.7, AM 1450.).

Valuables (Lost and Found, Theft)

Because we do not have secured student lockers outside of the gym locker rooms, students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their belongings. Students must not assume that cubbies are secure. Locks and lockers (property of BFUHS) are available to all students through the Physical Education Department upon request.

Lost and Found - Students missing item(s) should notify the office. Students who find lost articles are asked to bring the items to the office.

Lost/Damaged School Property - BFUHS furnishes students with books and other types of equipment for their use in the classroom and for co-curricular activities. The students and their parents/guardians are responsible for replacement costs of books, equipment, or uniforms that have been damaged, lost, or stolen. Transcripts will be held until such accounts are settled.

Lost/Damaged Personal Property - Students are cautioned to refrain from bringing large amounts of money, phones or electronic devices, cameras, or other valuables to the school building. If it is necessary to do so, bring the money/valuables to the office so they may be kept in the school safe, otherwise the school cannot be responsible for loss. (Students are not allowed to enter the safe.)

Theft - Students are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to secure their personal belongings according to the above guidelines and suggestions. The administration is to be notified immediately should a theft occur, especially after all reasonable precautions have been observed. Theft will not be tolerated at BFUHS.

Posters and Announcements

Many bulletin boards exist throughout our school. Any announcement placed on these boards must be approved by office personnel before being put on display. Whoever posts an announcement is responsible for its timely removal. Any items on display must be free of violence, sexuality, religion and drug use.


The Union High School District #27 recognizes that the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects students from unreasonable searches and seizures. However, the district further recognizes that a student's right to be free from an unreasonable search or seizure must be balanced with the necessity of providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. School officials will be guided by the necessity of observing that balance and maintaining order and discipline in the school in order to fulfill their duties "in loco parentis" to protect the general welfare of the entire school community.

Vehicle Use

Students are allowed the privilege of driving their vehicle to school. Permissible vehicles include only those legally registered for operation on public thoroughfares. Unauthorized vehicles include dirt bikes, 3- and 4-wheeled ATVs, and any vehicle whose primary function is off-road work or recreation. The only exception to this expectation is a snowmobile provided that the operator has filed the proper permission paperwork with the administration and that the snow conditions preclude any damage to school grounds.

Because it is our goal to provide a safe environment, students must abide by the driving and vehicle regulations listed below. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES.

  1. Parking will only be allowed in designated areas in the front of the building or at the side of the building along the tree line. Students will park only in the “General Parking” (white lines) areas and will not park in “Staff Parking” (yellow lines) nor “Reserved Parking” (front) areas. Students shall not park in the area behind the gym.

  2. Parking passes must be displayed by all vehicles that are parked at the high school, except as described below. Prior to receiving a pass, a registration card must be filled out. Vehicles which are parked without a pass may be towed at owner’s expense.

  3. The areas near the back entrance to Hadley Field and near the entrance to the soccer/field hockey fields are designated as “Open Parking” areas. Passes are still required to park in these areas. However, there is no plan to plow these areas in the winter. They are only available for parking outside of the snow season.

  4. Staff shall not park behind the gym unless specific permission is granted by the Principal or Assistant Principal.

  5. If you have a valid parking pass and cannot find a legal parking space, park in the “Visitor Parking” spaces then IMMEDIATELY report to the office. Arrangements will then be made to temporarily park your car for the day. (This should only be a problem if cars are parked in general parking which do not have valid parking passes.)

  6. Violations of these rules may result in removal of the vehicle from an invalid parking area AT OWNERS EXPENSE and loss of parking privileges.

  7. After parking their car in the morning, students may not enter the parking lot during the school day without permission from the administration. Neither may student(s) sit in a vehicle during the school day.

  8. A student may apply for a driving permit from Brattleboro or Springfield Vocational Center. A student who decides to drive independently to the vocational center must follow these guidelines:

      1. Unless actively involved in a co-curricular activity or given permission by the school administration for a special event, the student should not drive to BFUHS before departing for the center or stop by BFUHS after classes at the center.

      2. A student who is excessively tardy or absent at the Vocational Center due to transportation problems may have his/her driving privilege revoked at the discretion of the administration.

  9. If a vehicle is parked illegally, the person to whom the vehicle is registered with the school will be held accountable for any penalties. In short, if you register your car with the school and someone to whom you loan the car (a friend or sibling) parks the car illegally, YOU will pay for the towing. (Please ensure that anyone who borrows your car and brings it to school is aware of these parking regulations.)

  10. Any violation of traffic laws (not wearing seatbelts, violations of graduated driver license provisions, any unsafe driving, etc.) may be cause for revocation of driving privileges for a period of time.

Open Campus Policy (Senior Privilege)

The Bellows Falls Union High School Board of Directors seeks to encourage academic excellence and personal responsibility through its OPEN CAMPUS policy. The High School expects that members of the senior class will demonstrate a level of maturity that is consistent with their grade placement. Therefore, it shall be the policy and procedure of the Bellows Falls Union High School to allow members of the senior class who are in good academic standing as evidenced by a “B-” (80%) or better average across their subject areas, with no individual grades below a “C-” (70%), and up to date and complete with their senior Project to be eligible for Open Campus privileges. Seniors who are determined to be eligible and have returned signed permission forms are granted the privilege of leaving the school building and campus during learning lab time or during lunch time. Eligible students must follow their schedule if they are in the building.

The conditions of the open campus are as follows: (1) students under the age of eighteen must have on file a signed parent permission form; (2) students will sign in and out with the attendance officer or attendance secretary; (3) students will not attempt to leave and return during scheduled class breaks; and (4) students are required to attend all scheduled classes. While taking advantage of Senior Privilege, students must leave school grounds. If students remain on school property, they must follow their schedule.


You are encouraged to get involved! We take great pride in our students' efforts in academic, social, civic, and community related activities. Students choosing to become involved in school clubs and organizations are taking on a leadership role, and the responsibilities and expectations associated with that role. When you commit to an activity, it is important to give your best efforts and to remember that others involved in that activity are dependent upon your dedication and responsible behavior.

The co-curricular program contributes much to the total education of the student who participates. The program aims to:

a) Provide students with an opportunity to excel in the activity of their choice;

b) Provide an environment for the students to learn leadership skills, self-discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, and appreciation for others abilities;

c) Provide healthy surroundings for the teaching of good health habits and attitudes;

d) Encourage students to recognize the importance of good academic standing;

e) Provide a clean, wholesome environment for any activity;

f) Assist in developing good school spirit and loyalty;

g) Encourage good school citizenship and scholarship;

h) Instill in students the desire to put forth their best efforts.

The following clubs/organizations have been offered here at BFUHS:

Umatter Drama Club

YYA Above the Influence(ATI)

G.S.A Math Team

Latin Club Yearbook

Student Council Jazz Band

Pep Band Youth Partnership

Chamber Choir National Honor Society



When students commit to participation in an athletic activity, they become the ambassadors for BFUHS Terrier Pride. Whether on-site at BFUHS, during class time, on our own playing field, or when visiting another school, the behavior and spirit of sportsmanship and competition displayed by our student-athletes is a direct reflection on our school and community.

A wide variety of sports, from clubs to varsity, are available to BFUHS students. We take great pride in the efforts of our student athletes and teams. Students choosing to be involved as team members are taking on a leadership role, and all of the responsibilities and expectations associated with that role.

The following athletic programs are available to our students:

Young Men Young Women CoEd

Baseball (Varsity, JV ) Softball (Varsity & JV) Ultimate Frisbee

Basketball (Varsity, JV) Basketball (Varsity, JV)

Cross Country Cross Country

Football (Varsity, JV ) Field Hockey (Varsity & JV)

Soccer (Varsity & JV) Soccer (Varsity & JV)

Indoor Track Indoor Track

Tennis Tennis

Track & Field Track & Field

Purple Pride Nights

Activity Awards Ceremonies, called Purple Pride Nights, are held by teams at the conclusion of each season of activities to present awards to students who participate in co-curricular activities.

Athletic Association (AA)

All students, especially those involved in athletics and band, are encouraged to purchase AA tickets at a cost of $10.00. This ticket admits the student to all home athletic events free of charge. If you plan on attending more than five home football games or boys or girls basketball games you will save money if you buy an AA Ticket. Tickets may be purchased in the main office. Upon purchasing a ticket, the purchaser is considered a full member of the Athletic Association, and can participate in all meetings as well as elect officers.


Eligibility relates both to Vermont Principal's Association (VPA) requirements and BFUHS academic requirements. At the time a student is considered ineligible, the student is automatically restricted from participating in any co-curricular activity during the period of probation. A student can lose his/her eligibility for co-curricular activities, students should have passing grades in all courses (one course 60-69, allowed) taken during the previous marking period defined as the close of a program report period, or the end of a quarter. An ineligible student will remain ineligible for a two week tracking period, at which time he/she may regain eligibility. Students with an Incomplete related to Senior Project are ineligible until the Senior Project is no longer incomplete. (after the first presentation dates, a student will remain incomplete/ineligible until the project is completed). See your coach or the athletic director for more information about regaining eligibility.

Legal Requirements for Athletic Participation

While coaches carefully clarify the following information upon initially meeting with students, parents/guardians and students are urged to review the following important guidelines for participation in the athletic program at BFUHS.

  1. Parental Permission and Insurance:

Before being allowed to participate in any VPA sanctioned activity, the student must present to the coach/advisor the permission form that includes the parent's signature. The form also includes a statement that the student provides proof of health insurance. (Any change in the family's insurance coverage during the season for an activity must be reported to the school authorities immediately.) The form includes a statement that the school is not responsible for payment of medical costs resulting from injuries received by any participant in any event, activity or practice.

  1. Physical Examination:

All students are required to have a physical examination before participating in a sport. A student who wishes to take part in a sport must show proof of an examination by his/her family physician, or be examined by the school physician, or have an examination administered by another doctor or doctors volunteering this service at the invitation of school officials. Any examination is valid for only one calendar year from the date of completion of the last examination on record at the school.

Team Physician (when available)

A physician, nurse practitioner, and/or certified Athletic Trainer will be appointed for the supervision of the health of many athletic teams. The appointed physician/trainer will have general supervision over matters of health pertaining to all athletic teams and attend such contests as are deemed desirable by the school administration. The medical personnel shall act as an advisor to the administration in all matters pertaining to the health of student athletes and in case of injury or illness of a player, shall determine when the player is able to resume active participation.


Co-Curricular activities are an important aspect of student life. Students who participate in athletics are encouraged to do their best and excel, but never at the expense of good sportsmanship and positive representation of their school and community. The positive attitude of good sportsmanship is expected to be displayed at all times by student athletes demonstrating respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, and game officials. Faculty, staff, and parents should demonstrate, and expect students to demonstrate, high standards of good sportsmanship which convey respect for the spirit of the game.

Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents:

Both spectators and participants are important to the games and are encouraged to conform to accepted standards of good behavior and sportsmanship.

Spectators and participants should at all time respect officials, visiting coaches, players, and cheerleaders as guests in the community and extend all courtesies to them.

Spectators are encouraged to cheer for their team, not against the opponent.

Booing, whistling, stamping of the feet, and disrespectful remarks are to be avoided. During a free throw in basketball, all courtesies should be extended.

Under no circumstances will harassment of opponents or officials be tolerated. School policies regarding verbal, sexual, and racial harassment are in place and will be adhered to by all participants and spectators.

Spectators will be asked to leave the premises if they violate the code of good sportsmanship by ringing bells, sounding horns, or using other noisemakers at indoor contests during play.

Pep bands or school bands, under the supervision of school personnel, may play during time outs, between periods, or at half time. Bands must coordinate their play so as not to interfere with a cheerleading squad on the floor or field.

Throwing of debris, confetti, or other objects from the stands is prohibited. Offending individuals will be asked to leave the premises.

Enjoy the games! Be Courteous and respectful and display exemplary qualities of good sportsmanship!


Response to Student and Adult Choices

In order to insure the proper atmosphere in a school focused on quality education, students and adults are expected to cooperate and show respect for themselves, for others, for school property, and for the teaching and learning process. Students and adults are responsible for the choices they make and will be held accountable for their behavior.

Student Attendance

A student's attendance at school and participation in classes are considered an integral part of the educational process. We believe that regular school attendance is necessary and that tardiness and/or absences may have an adverse effect upon the student's academic progress and ability to learn. The primary responsibility of school attendance rests with the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

The Bellows Falls Union High School Board of Directors has adopted an attendance policy, aligned with state law, which provides the following four reasons to excuse a student’s absence from school:

Illness, including a doctor or dentist’s appointment that could not be scheduled outside of school hours;

  1. A legal obligation;

  2. An educationally enriching experience approved by the school (i.e. a college visit, or a class field trip)

  3. A family obligation (i.e. a funeral of a close relative)

  4. Any absence that does not fall into the above categories will be classified as an unexcused absence. Ten consecutive unexcused absences from school may result in the student being dropped from the school roll.


Truancy is defined as any intentional, unauthorized absence from school. It is the protocol of the Windham NorthEast Supervisory Union to recognize student absence/tardy by the school sending a letter home from the attendance officer at days 8, 12, 15, and 18. At days 15, and 18, a follow-up visit from the truancy officer (BFPD) will be arranged, and an intake call to the Department for Children and Families (DCF).

Lateness (Tardy)

Each student shall report to his/her classes on time as scheduled. Any student who arrives to school after 8am must report to the attendance office or have checked in with the attendance officer. SPECIAL NOTE: Once students have reported/entered the school grounds, whether by foot, bus, or car, they may not leave the grounds without permission from the attendance office. (Please also refer to the “Student Responsibility and Accountability” section. for procedures to follow when a student is tardy to a class after already being marked present for the school day).

Early Dismissal

Early dismissal will be granted for the same reasons as legal absences (i.e., medical and dental appointments, required attendance at family events, legal obligations, or an educational trip). We encourage you to schedule appointments with your doctor/dentist at times other than school hours. When necessity demands, appointments should be made as early or as late in the school day as possible. Please let the Attendance Office know of your need for early dismissal before the start of the school day. Students will then receive a pass that they must show to their teacher when they leave school.


We believe school absences should be kept at an absolute minimum. Missing classes means loss of continuity and opportunities to learn. If the parent(s) /guardian(s) determine that a long term absence is imperative, the school should be notified by using the following process:

Arrangements must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, notifying the attendance office - Telephone Number - 463-3944 ext. 229

Responsibility for arrangements regarding make-up work lies with the student. The student should contact the teacher and initiate requests for make-up work if this has not previously been done through the counseling office.

Work missed should be completed within a reasonable time frame set by the teacher.

It is important for a student and parent(s)/guardian(s) to understand that in spite of the completion of make-up work, it is possible that grades, as well as future understanding of material, may suffer as a result of an extended school absence.

Excused Absence/Tardy/Dismissal

Reasons for an excused absence, tardy, or dismissal include: medical, dental appointments, required attendance at family events, civic duty, religious observance, school sponsored events/activities, or an educational trip.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) must call the Attendance Office if the student is going to be late or when a student will not be attending school. (463-3944 ext 229.)

In order for an absence to be considered excused, students must present a note from a parent, guardian, or health provider directly to the Attendance Office within 24 hours of the day they return to school following an absence. The Attendance Office will issue an excused/unexcused Admit Slip that may allow class work to be made up. This slip must be presented to the teachers of the classes that were missed during the absence.

Unexcused Absence/Lateness (Tardy)

Unexcused absence or tardiness is any absence for which the student cannot produce adequate justification, including transportation difficulties that are not related to the public school bus. A student for an unexcused tardy will get an admit slip from attendance and sign the tardy book in the designated class of that time of entry A student with an unexcused absence or tardiness may receive a zero for all class work or tests missed that day. Disciplinary consequences will be assessed for unexcused absences and tardiness.


On a day-to-day basis, the majority of students focus on their academic and co-curricular activities in a very responsible manner. They demonstrate cooperation and respect for themselves, for others, for school property, and for the teaching and learning process. We believe that it is also important for students and staff members to have a clear understanding of the immediate and long-term consequences of their choices. The BFUHS Classroom Management System helps to provide this clear understanding. This BFUHS Classroom Management System provides students with clear explanations regarding expected classroom behavior, the rewards available for appropriate behavior, and the consequences for inappropriate behavior. In every teaching area, a “Behavior Management Plan” is posted. Many parts of these plans are identical from teacher to teacher, while other pieces of the plans are unique to particular teachers and classrooms. Most of the common aspects are summarized in the following paragraphs.

BFUHS Student Ideals

Bellows Falls Union High School Students Are Responsible For Their Own Behavior

  • Students will be engaged in class every day.

  • Students will follow directions.

  • Students will respect themselves and others.

  • Students will respect class time and behave in a way to maximize their learning and the learning of others.

  • Students will act in a manner that is in their best interest and the best interest of the class.

  • Students will advocate for themselves in an appropriate way.

  • Students will try their best.

  • Students will be successful.

The BFUHS Classroom Management System

In the BFUHS Classroom Management System, misconduct is classified in one of two ways: Mischievous Misconduct and Severe Misconduct. Without generating a long list of examples, Mischievous Misconduct is behavior that is addressed by the teacher at the classroom level through the application of the Behavior Management Plan. Mischievous behavior will only be referred to a school administrator if the student persists with the behavior to the point that the teacher’s options through the Behavior Management Plan have been exhausted. Severe Misconduct is more specifically classified into four categories: (1) Fighting, (2) Vandalism, (3) Overt Defiance, or (4) anything that keeps the class from functioning. Severe Misconduct will be referred to the office immediately.

In support of the teachers’ Behavior Management Plans, the school administrators also have specific plans that guide the application of consequences for misconduct. Copies of those plans are available upon request. In summary, Mischievous Misconduct will initially be addressed with a predetermined number of hours in ISS or with office detentions. Repeated Mischievous Misconduct will result in progressively increasing consequences (i.e. first referral for Mischievous Misconduct, 1 hour ISS; second referral, 2 hours, etc.) In addition to time served in ISS, the administrative plan has provisions for “Options” to be applied as dictated by the circumstances of the particular situation. Severe Misconduct will be addressed similarly, with the exception that the consequences for Severe Misconduct will begin with one to five days of ISS or Out-of-School Suspension and increase progressively for subsequent misconduct.

Administrative Options:

Because it would not be possible to list all inappropriate behaviors and their consequences, students should understand that the administration has the authority to assign consequences not listed in this handbook and for behaviors not identified. Some of the “options” most commonly employed include counseling, the discipline card, parental conferences, lunch detention, and the discipline essay. A more thorough list of the options available to administrators is included in the Administrators Plan for behavior management.

The Tardy Book

If a student is tardy to class for any reason, the student must check into the class by signing The Tardy Book and following the directions posted in or near the book. The teacher will address the reason for the “tardy” at the end of the class period. The consequences for being tardy to class increase progressively for repeated offenses. Administrative consequences are assigned for the 5th Unexcused Tardy and beyond.

General School Conduct and Expectations

Bellows Falls Union High School will provide an environment which is conducive to learning and which fosters the respect of all. With this in mind, the following rules have been established to help provide such an environment.

  1. Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared to learn. Passes out of class will be given when deemed appropriate by the teacher. A student should not be out of class without a pass.

  2. In conjunction with our Anti-Harassment Policy, everyone attending BFUHS should be free from exposure to offensive messages. Therefore, all T-shirts, hats, book bags, etc., will be free of offensive messages or messages promoting alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. Offensive items must be removed and replacement T-shirts will be provided, if necessary.

  3. Food and drink will be consumed only in the cafeteria, unless the preparation and consumption is part of the class' curriculum. Food being consumed or any open containers outside the cafeteria may be confiscated.

  4. Only appropriate language will be used at BFUHS. Use of profanity will result in a request to use appropriate language. Further use of profanity will result in disciplinary action.

  5. Tardiness at the start of the school day is handled by the administration and/or the attendance officer. Repeat or habitual tardiness to class will be handled according to the plan for Tardy Consequences posted in each teacher’s area. Please refer to the “Excused Absence/Lateness (Tardy)” section for the four excusable reasons for tardiness to school. Tardiness due to missing buses, waking up late, car trouble, etc., is not a legal excuse.

After School Detention

Teachers may require students to remain after school for time lost in class. Reasons for keeping students after school include, but are not limited to, the following: making up school work missed due to absences from class; tardiness to class; incomplete homework; unacceptable behavior in class or in school; and other reasons as determined by the staff/teachers. A twenty-four hour notice may be given whenever possible. Students must do academic work while serving a detention. Teachers will make every effort possible to contact parents of students expected to stay after for detention.

Most behavior issues can be handled within the classroom between the student and the teacher. A consequence for misbehavior may be a teacher assigned detention. A teacher assigned detention will be served in the class area of the teacher who assigned the detention. Students are not excused from detention because of work. A student who fails to or refuses to remain after school is exhibiting total disregard for the disciplinary policies of BFUHS. Failure to serve teacher detentions will result in disciplinary consequences.

Behavior Consequences

The following is a list of offenses and the consequences for behavior:

  • Fighting - All students involved in a fight shall be suspended out of school and may be required to participate in mediation and/or counseling.

  • Skipping Class – First offense, up to one day in ISS, subsequent offenses will lead to increased time in ISS and possible meeting with guidance counselor and/or parent.

  • Truant (skipping school) – This will also be treated as Severe Misconduct (Overt Defiance). Parents/guardians will be notified, as will the truant officer.

  • Swearing – Treated as Mischievous Misconduct and handled through the teachers’ Behavior Management Plan.

  • Swearing at Staff – Will be treated as Severe Misconduct (Overt Defiance).

  • Vandalism – This is one of the four specifically defined categories of Severe Misconduct. Parents or guardians are liable by state statute for damages caused by the willful malicious damage of property by their children. In addition, consequences will be applied according to the Administrative Behavior Management Plan.

  • Cheating - A student who is caught cheating will be given a zero for the assignment, have his/her parents notified, and receive disciplinary consequences depending upon the circumstances of the particular situation. (See the “Academic Honesty and Cheating” and “Academic Honesty Code” sections of this student handbook.)

  • Harassment/Bullying - Violates an individual's basic civil rights, undermines the integrity of the school environment and adversely affects students, teachers, and other school personnel whether or not they are the direct subject of harassment/bullying.A student who threatens, harasses or bullies another student may receive a detention or be suspended. This includes sexual harassment as well (See anti-harassment policy)

  • Tobacco/Vaping – The Bellows Falls Union High School campus is maintained as tobacco free as mandated by state law. Therefore, it is the policy of BFUHS that no student at any time shall possess, use, sell, give, or otherwise transmit any tobacco or vaping product on school owned or leased property or at any school sponsored activity off school grounds. For any violation of this policy, students will be reported to the local police and subject to any resulting fines. (Please refer to the “Student Responsibility and Accountability” section for more information.)

  • Weapons - Weapons of any kind are not allowed in school, in one's automobile, or on the bus. Violation will result in suspension and an expulsion hearing before the School Board.

  • Public Display of Affection (PDA) -The school is a public place and certain types of behavior are unacceptable in this setting. Because different people have different comfort levels with respect to PDA, if the PDA in question makes a student or staff member uncomfortable, then the PDA is inappropriate (and could be considered harassment of the offended individual). When directed by a staff member to cease a certain behavior/display, students must comply or that act will be treated as defiance. Some examples of appropriate and not appropriate behaviors:

  • Holding hands is acceptable.

  • Long embraces are not acceptable.

  • Short hugs of “greeting” are acceptable.

  • Kissing is not acceptable.


In-School Suspension (ISS):

It is our belief that students should be in school every day and that students are responsible for their own behavior and choices. If an in-school suspension is necessary, the student should not feel physically alienated from the school. With in-school suspension, the focus is on class work and away from inappropriate behavior. In addition to class work, students assigned to ISS may complete a packet of work related to the misconduct that resulted in the ISS assignment. This packet must be completed in order to receive credit for the time spent in ISS. Students assigned to in-school suspension will be given credit for their class work, but not allowed to attend school related activities. These consist of any activities under the jurisdiction of the school, i.e., sports, field trips, plays, dances. In order to receive credit for a day of ISS, students must be in attendance from 8:00 am through 3:30 p.m. Students must also do work while assigned to ISS in order for the time to count. Upon entering the ISS room, students will sign a copy of the rules for the In-School Suspension room. These rules are also posted in the room. The consequences for not following these rules are also posted in the room and include additional time assigned to ISS or Out-of-School Suspension.

Out-of-School Suspension

Out-of-School Suspension is the temporary removal of a student from the school setting. A student in this category is prohibited from the school building, attending classes, being on the school grounds or being involved in or attending any school related activities. Students will have the opportunity to make up all work missed during this time period.

Causes for Suspension

  1. Overt Defiance. Students must comply promptly with teachers’ requests.

  2. Using obscene or abusive language directed towards any school personnel.

  3. Committing vandalism.

  4. Causing intentional injury or damage to students, staff, or school property.

  5. Violating the attendance policy, skipping school, or having forged notes.

  6. Possessing, using, smelling of, being under the influence of, and/or sale of a controlled drug or alcoholic beverage on school grounds during any school sponsored activity, on or off campus.

  7. Harassment/Bullying/Hazing.

  8. Assaulting a teacher or any other school personnel.

  9. Smoking, holding a cigarette, chewing tobacco, vaping or being in possession of any tobacco product, electronic cigarette (vape) or lighting device.

  10. Possession, handling or transmitting any object that can be reasonably considered a weapon, a razor blade, handcuffs, chains, cigarette lighters, etc., including fire crackers, on school grounds or during a school event, activity, or function on or off school grounds. Any kind of knife, including folding and pocketknives, are prohibited.

  11. Refusal to comply with the search policy. All staff members not only have the right to enforce school policy, but the responsibility to do so.

  12. Presenting a safety hazard.

Academic Honesty and Cheating

All students are expected to be familiar with the Bellows Falls Union High School Academic Honesty Code. This Code covers all aspects of academic honesty, including the writing of papers and laboratory reports as well as homework, quizzes, tests, projects, and final examinations.

Cheating of any kind is a serious offense. If you are unable to study or to prepare your own work for any reason, you should speak privately to your subject teacher or to any teacher with whom you feel comfortable. Cheating hurts because it prevents you and your teacher from knowing what you are actually able to do and where you need more assistance in your learning.

Academic Honesty Code

A student must respect and acknowledge the research and ideas of others in his or her work and to meet the regulations governing any work required by the teacher or teacher’s substitute. Any student who misrepresents his or her work or collaborates in the misrepresentation of another’s work as his or her own has committed a serious violation of this code. Students are expected to do their own work. Students are not allowed to copy another individual’s work, ideas, papers, or other assignments that are used for assessment of grading. Students are expected to correctly document the source of any information by crediting the source when citing specific materials, whether printed or distributed by electronic or other media. If a student has been involved in an incident in which he/she has cheated, copied, plagiarized, or otherwise violated academic honesty, the teacher will bring this incident to the administration as soon as possible. The student and parent will be informed that a zero will be given for the work. Conversations and/or meetings may take place with some or all of the following people, administration, guidance counselor, teacher, student and parent, to formulate a plan of action that may include disciplinary action.

Bus Regulations and Disciplinary Policy (WNESU and member districts)

The Windham Northeast Supervisory Union school bus drivers perform a very important and responsible job every day. The passengers we carry are our children and the children of the communities we serve.

It is our goal to maintain a transportation system that assures each student a safe, comfortable ride to and from school. In order to do this, it is important that we follow procedures, which are easily understood by all students, parents and employees.

  1. Cooperate with the driver.

  2. Stay in your seat while the bus is moving.

  3. Do not eat or drink on the bus.

  4. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats. If you are assigned a seat, stay in that seat until the driver tells you that you may again choose your own seat.

  5. Be courteous. (No loud or profane language.)

  6. Keep the bus clean.

  7. Do not smoke, chew tobacco, or consume drugs or alcohol.

  8. Do not be destructive to either the bus or other student’s property.

  9. Keep head, hands, feet and all other body parts inside the bus and out of the aisles, if possible.

  10. Observe the same rules as expected in the classroom.

The following disciplinary procedures will be used:

  1. At the first violation of the rules, the bus driver will verbally warn the student.

  2. If the student fails to comply, the bus driver will report the incident to the building principal or designee, both verbally and in writing. The principal will notify the transportation supervisor and the parent (within 24 hours).

  3. For severe behavior, the bus driver will contact the appropriate principal, the transportation supervisor and/or the SU office immediately upon completing his or her run. Student riding privileges are suspended until the parent or guardian consults with school personnel who are knowledgeable about the incident. The driver fills out the incident report, or forwards it to the building principal as soon as possible. The building principal contacts the parents and may suspend the student’s riding privileges for up to 10 days.

  4. Future violations will be reported to the building principal which may result in the suspension of bus riding privileges for the student for a minimum of one to a maximum of ten days. Parents will be noticed of each violation.

  5. At some point when the safety of the students is threatened, violation of the rules of the bus may lead to the suspension of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the school year. Transportation is a privilege – not a right.

  6. The riding privilege of a student may be suspended for the entire school year without following the above steps for more serious violations such as bringing a weapon on the bus, fighting, or causing injury, etc.

  7. When a student has been suspended from the school bus, the school district will not be responsible for providing transportation. The suspension will apply to other school districts within the Supervisory Union. Before a student is reinstated on the bus, a meeting between the parent/guardian, student, building level principal, and transportation supervisor or bus driver must take place. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the transportation supervisor at 463-9958, extension 120.

Behavior and its relation to participation in co-curricular activities

It is the policy of Bellows Falls Union High School that the SAME CLEAR BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES apply equally to all students enrolled in the school. This applies whether the misconduct occurs in the school, on school grounds, within the classroom, or as part of a co-curricular activity. However, students with active co-curricular involvement who engage in behavioral misconduct must realize their inappropriate behavioral choices have the ADDED DIMENSION of negatively impacting their involvement/eligibility in co-curricular activities. It is important for students to realize that they are accountable for their actions and must accept the consequence of their chosen behavior.


School Property - however characterized herein, means any property owned or leased by the school district and used at any time for school related activities including but not limited to school buildings, areas adjacent to school buildings, parking lots, athletic fields and school buses.

School Sponsored Activity - includes but is not limited to such activities as field trips, sporting events, work internships and dances.

School Attendance for Co-curricular Participation

The following attendance rules shall be in force:

  1. If a participant is absent unexcused, or absent due to illness on the day of a co-curricular activity, he/she will not be permitted to participate in that activity.

  2. A student will not be allowed to participate in any co-curricular activity on the day of a third unexcused tardy arrival to school in that sport season. He/she will also not be allowed to participate on the days of any subsequent tardies during that sport season. (The definition of tardiness is absence from first block after the morning late bell has sounded.)

  3. Any student who arrives to school after 10:00 a.m. will not be allowed to participate in any co-curricular activity that day unless the tardiness was due to a previously arranged appointment approved by the administration.

  4. A student who is absent on a Friday, preceding a Saturday event, may not participate on Saturday unless given permission by the principal, assistant principal, or athletic director.

  5. A student who is dismissed from school due to illness (which necessitates missing a class) may not participate in any co-curricular activity that day.

Early Dismissal for Co-curricular Activities

Many students must be excused from classes early in order to participate in events scheduled in other locations. The time of departure from school will be as late as reasonably possible in order to minimize missed class time. In order to minimize the impact on academics, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. A participant's first responsibility is his/her academic work. Each student must understand that being dismissed from classes for participation in a co-curricular event is a privilege. All schoolwork missed as a result of early dismissal shall be made up as soon as possible. Teachers may require students to make up classes missed due to a co-curricular activity by mandating attendance for a period of time after school equivalent to the time missed, even if this results in missing practices.

  2. If a student’s performance in the missed class is unsatisfactory, he/she will be subject to forfeiture of their early dismissal privilege.

  3. Teachers must report to the school administration any student having the early dismissal privilege that is not doing acceptable work in class and may request forfeiture of that privilege.

  4. Students who are involved in a situation requiring disciplinary action may forfeit their early dismissal privilege.

Transportation To And From Co-curricular Events

  1. All participants must be transported by school bus, except for very small groups which can be legally transported in private cars, provided such private car is driven by a person approved by the administration. In the latter case, each car must be insured in an amount of at least $100,000. Drivers will be reimbursed at the current rate per mile set by the School Board.

  2. All participants must travel to and from an activity/event via school provided transportation. Any exception to this rule must be decided in advance by the school administration. Participants must have a parent's signed note, and it must also be signed by the Principal, or Assistant Principal/Activities Director. Participants can only travel with their parent(s). Any exceptions to the use of school transportation will be kept at a minimum and decided by a school administrator.

  3. The prohibition against substance abuse and smoking will be in force at all times in all vehicles used for the transportation of teams or individuals to and/or from school sponsored events.

  4. Any non-team member who wishes to ride a team bus must get prior approval of the Principal or the Assistant Principal/Activities Director.

Suspension from Co-curricular Activities

It is the policy of the High School District #27 that no student at any time shall possess, use, sell, give, or otherwise transmit any alcohol, drugs, muscle steroid, stimulant, drug paraphernalia, or tobacco product on school owned or leased property or at any school sponsored activity off school grounds.

Causes for Suspension from Co-curricular Participation:

  1. If a student's conduct requires an out-of-school or in-school suspension, immediate suspension from all co-curricular activities will occur until the student is reinstated in school.

  1. Conduct that falls into the following categories may result in suspension of the parties involved for a specific period of time. The associated suspension periods can be found in the Co-Curricular Eligibility Behavior Expectations Policy, which each student receives at the beginning of the sports season.

      1. Involvement in conduct that is deemed detrimental to the reputation of the school, team, or activity.

      2. Possession, use, sale, or any type of transmittal of alcohol, drugs, muscle steroids, stimulants, and drug paraphernalia.

      3. Use of a tobacco product in any form.

      4. Unreasonable conduct while participating in a co-curricular activity; (yellow/red cards, technical fouls, unsportsmanlike penalties.)

      5. Stealing at Bellows Falls Union High School or any other school.

Due Process:

  1. Determination of the length of suspension for violations of this policy will be made by the Assistant Principal/Activities Director. In the case of a dismissal from an activity, a subsequent reinstatement must also be decided by the Assistant Principal/Activities Director.

  2. Students or parents may bring an appeal of a student's suspension to the principal. If a parent does not feel that the situation has been resolved or is not content with the administrative process at the high school level they may then appeal to the superintendent’s office.


Use of Illegal Substances

If a student appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the same procedure will be used as when a student shows sign of a serious illness. The school nurse, guidance counselor, and principal/assistant principal, will be notified immediately. The student will be taken to the nurse's office. Based on the seriousness of the situation and the findings of the school nurse, the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified. The principal/assistant principal will arrange a parent/guardian conference, as necessary. All action will be documented.

Possession of Illegal Substances:

If a student is found dealing in or in possession of drugs, alcohol, or look alike substances, the incident will be reported immediately to the principal and/or assistant principal. Parent(s)/guardian(s), school nurse, superintendent of schools, and the appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted immediately. The students involved will be suspended from the school in accordance with our school’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy. The students in question will also be brought to the attention of our Educational Support Team.

Use of Tobacco

Federal law demands all public school facilities be smoke free. This applies at all times to BFUHS, the school grounds, and the school buses, including after school and weekend co-curricular activities, meetings or events. Therefore, it is the policy of BFUHS that no student at any time shall possess, use, sell, give or otherwise transmit any tobacco product on school owned or leased property or at any school sponsored activity off school grounds.

Weapons and Explosive Devices

Federal law prohibits weapons and explosive devices (even fireworks) of any kind on school property, on the school bus and/or bus stop, or in one's vehicle. Students found in violation of this law could be expelled for a period of ONE YEAR or more.

False Public Alarms

A person who initiates or willfully circulates a report of an impending bombing or other offense or catastrophe, knowing that the report or warning is false or baseless and that it is likely to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transport, or to cause public inconvenience or alarm, shall, for the first offense, be imprisoned for not more than two years or fined not more than $5,000.00, or both. For the second or subsequent offense, the person shall be imprisoned for not more than five years or fined not more than $10,000.00, or both. In addition, the court may order the person to perform community service. Any community service ordered under this section shall be supervised by the department of corrections. Additionally, any student who initiates a false public alarm will also lose his/her driver’s license for 180 days for the first offense and for two years for the second offense. If the guilty party is not old enough to hold a driver’s license, that penalty will be imposed when the individual is eligible to obtain a driver’s license. Beyond the aforementioned criminal penalties, any student involved in initiating, circulating, or perpetuating “False Public Alarms” will be subject to expulsion for the remainder of the school year.


Vandalism is considered a costly and irresponsible criminal act. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are liable by state statute for damage caused by the willful/malicious damage of property by their children. Students responsible for vandalism are subject to suspension or expulsion. They will also be held responsible for reparations to correct the damage caused by their vandalism.


Harassment in any form is unacceptable behavior at Bellows Falls Union High School and in society in general. Harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination as well as disrespectful behavior which is not to be tolerated.

Students are protected against unlawful harassment by Vermont Statues, Title 16, Section II (a) (26). The Union School District #27 is committed to providing all students with a safe and supportive school environment. Members of the school community are expected to treat each other with mutual respect. It is hereby the policy of the District to oppose and prohibit, without qualification, unlawful harassment. Unlawful harassment means verbal or physical conduct based on a student's actual or perceived race, religion (creed), color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation or disability, and which has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with a student's educational performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.


Any unlawful harassment of a student by any member of the school community is a violation of this policy. The School Community includes, but is not limited to, all students, school employees, contractors, unpaid volunteers, and other visitors. The Union School District #27 shall act to investigate all complaints of harassment (either formal or informal, verbal or written) and to discipline or take other appropriate action against any member of the school community who is found to have violated this policy. Such appropriate action could include, but is not limited to, warning, remedial training, education or counseling, suspension, exclusion, expulsion, transfer, termination or discharge.

STUDENTS and PARENTS are advised that the specific policies which prohibit harassment and which are summarized on these pages can be found at the high school or at the superintendent’s office. If you have any questions, please contact the high school.

Sexual Harassment: A Summary for Students

  1. What is sexual harassment?

-An unwelcome advance, a request for favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

  1. Who can do it?

-A student can harass another student

-An adult can harass another adult

-An adult can harass a student

-A student can harass an adult

  1. Sexual harassment can be words (verbal), non-verbal, and physical. What are some examples of verbal sexual harassment?

-Offensive sexual language

-Suggestive sexual comments, insults, or threats

-Dirty jokes of sexual nature

-Unwanted flirtations

-Using sexually degrading words to describe someone

  1. What are some examples of non-verbal sexual harassment?

-Suggestive objects or pictures on books, papers, or clothing

-Making obscene or insulting sounds, whistles, gestures, staring

-Obscene notes, graffiti, or other writing of a sexually insulting nature

  1. What are some examples of physical sexual harassment?

-Unwanted physical contact including offensive touching, pinching, or brushing up against someone’s body

-Coercing sexual acts

  1. What should you do if you feel you are being harassed?

-DON'T BE QUIET and hope it will stop or go away. You have to do something.

-TALK to an adult you trust - your parent(s)/guardian(s), teacher, counselors, school nurse, or principals. (It will be investigated. Any harassing behavior will be stopped and the person doing the harassing may be disciplined.)

*REFER to the following section of the anti-harassment policy.

Procedures for Implementation of the Anti-Harassment Policy

(Reporting Suspected Violations)

Any school employee, who observes, overhears or otherwise is witness to harassment must take prompt and appropriate action to stop the harassment and to prevent its reoccurrence. This standard also applies to school officials to whom the harassment is reported. A written report of the incident and the action taken by the school employee in response to it must also be given to the appropriate Union School District #27 harassment complaint official. (See below for the list of BFUHS officials.)

In the event that the school employee is unable to personally take prompt and appropriate action, the employee must report the incident or complaint in writing to the appropriate Union School District #27 harassment complaint official(s) designated by this policy.

Any student or other person who believes that unlawful harassment of a student has occurred may inform any school employee or one of the harassment complaint officials.

Any student who believes that she/he has been the target of unlawful harassment as defined in this policy may bring his/her complaint to the attention of any school employee or the harassment complaint official. Any student, who believes that any corrective action taken by a school employee was ineffective, may bring his/her complaint to the attention of the harassment complaint official. The complaint may be made either verbally or in writing. The following are the harassment complaint officials:

John Broadley, Principal Martina Mattison, Guidance Director

Sean Murphy, Asst. Principal Whitney Patterson, School Nurse

If one of the harassment complaint officials is the person alleged to be engaged in the harassment, the complaint shall be filed with one of the alternative officials or any other school employee the student chooses.


It is the policy of the Bellows Falls Union High School District that it will not tolerate, at any time, (A) on any property of the Bellows Falls Union High School District, or (B) during any activity on or off property of the Bellows Falls Union High School District where the district is required or authorized to exercise control or supervision, any discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, place of birth, age, disability, mental condition, physical condition, or any discrimination against any person on any other basis prohibited by law.

Daily Schedules


8:00 – 9:20 BLOCK 1 (Period one ends at 8:40)

9:23 – 9:37 HOMEROOM (Attendance Taken, Announcements Read)

9:40 – 11:00 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 10:20)

11:03-11:28 LUNCH A 11:03-12:23 BLOCK 3

11:31-12:51 BLOCK 3 12:26-12:51 LUNCH B

12:54 – 2:14 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 1:36)

2:17-2:45 Terrier Time


Regular Schedule

8:00 – 9:27 BLOCK 1 (Period one ends at 8:44)

9:30 – 9:50 HOMEROOM (Attendance Taken, Announcements Read)

9:53 – 11:20 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 10:37)

11:23-11:48 LUNCH A 11:23-12:47 BLOCK 3

11:51-1:15 BLOCK 3 12:50-1: 15 LUNCH B

1:18 – 2:45 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 2:02)



10:00-11:02 BLOCK 1 (Period 1 ends at 10:31)

11:05-11:30 LUNCH A 11:05-12:07 BLOCK 3

11:33-12:35 BLOCK 3 12:10-12:35 LUNCH B

12:38-1:40 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 1:09)

1:43-2:45 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 2:14)



8:00-8:41 BLOCK 1 (Period 1 ends at 8:20)

8:44-9:25 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 9:04)

9:28-10:09 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 9:48)

10:12-10:37 LUNCH A 10:12-10:53 BLOCK 3A

10:40-11:21 BLOCK 3 10:56-11:21 LUNCH B



8:00-8:05 Homeroom for Attendance

8:08-9:08 ASSEMBLY

9:11-10:25 BLOCK 1 (Period 1 ends at 9:48)

10:28-11:42 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 11:06)

11:45-12:10 LUNCH A 11:45-12:59 BLOCK 3A

12:13-1:27 BLOCK 3 1:02-1:27 LUNCH B

1:30-2:45 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 2:08)



8:00-9:15 BLOCK 1 (Period 1 ends at 8:38)

9:18-10:34 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 9:56)

10:37-11:02 LUNCH A 10:37-11:51 BLOCK 3A

11:05-12:19 BLOCK 3 11:54-12:19 LUNCH B

12:22-1:37 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 1:00)

1:40-2:45 ASSEMBLY



8:00-11:00 TESTING

11:03-11:29 LUNCH

11:32-12:18 BLOCK 1 (Period 1 ends at 11:55)

12:21-1:07 BLOCK 2 (Period 3 ends at 12:44)

1:10-1:56 BLOCK 3 (Period 5 ends at 1:33)

1:59-2:45 BLOCK 4 (Period 7 ends at 2:22)