Setting Goals

What do you want to be ready to do when you get out of high school? Some students take advantage of the programs at the River Valley Technical Center or the Windham Regional Career Center to gain skills in a particular occupational area. Others want to go to college. Some students do both. As you plan your courses, you need to take into consideration where you are headed. We suggest the following as a basic college preparatory program:

English: 4.0 credits

Math: 4.0 credits including Algebra I, Geometery, and Algebra II

Science: 4.0 credits including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Social Studies: 4.0 credits including world history and U.S. History

Foreign Language: 2 or 3 credits

Physical Education: 1.5 credits

Health: 1.0 credits

Fine Arts: 1.0 credits

Electives: 9.5 credits

The four year plan is designed to help you decide about your courses for four years, making sure your schedule will meet both graduation requirements and your personal goals. Open this sheet in your google drive and make a copy for your records.

Example 4 Year Plan