Bellows Falls Middle School Health Office

Jean Hodsden, BSN, M.Ed., RN

School Nurse

Health Offie Hours M-F 7:30am-3pm

802-463-4366 X 5 FAX 802-463-9738

Welcome To The Bellows Falls Middle School Health Office

We provide health care, health information and emotional support during your student's school year. Each young person is unique and we have the opportunity to get to know your student during their years at BFMS. Our goal is help students stay healthy so they can access their education. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the State Department of Public Health recommends YEARLY physicals for ALL children in K - 12. Well care visits focus on age-specific screenings, prevention, and the overall physical, social, and emotional health and well-being of children and adolescents. Our school district supports this recommendation. For more information, please contact the school nurse.”

Please note the immunization schedule for middle school students as required by Vermont Immunization Law for school attendance. You will be contacted by the school nurse if we do not have documentation of these immunizations.

Your child’s immunization record should look like the following:

· 5 DTaP/DTP

· 4 Polio

· 2 Measles

· 2 Mumps

· 2 Rubella

· 3 Hepatitis B

· 2 Varicella – waived if the parent or guardian presents a Department–supplied form indicating the student has a history of the disease.

· 1 Tdap booster (for entry into 7th grade)

Please click on the Navigation bar for health information on medication administration in school, immunizations, head lice and tick prevention, school health forms.

Every student should have an updated Medical Health information form completed by a parent or guardian at the beginning for every school year. These will be sent home with your child at the beginning of each school year. It is confidential and will be kept on file in the health office.

Physical exams are needed every 2 years in order to participate in school sports. Yearly exams are recommended.

Medications for students to take at school must be in a current pharmacy bottle , transported to school by an an adult , and we do need a signed parent permission form for students and a doctors' order (if it is a prescribed medication) . Over the counter medication must be in an original package and with a signed parent permission as well. Over the counter medication must also be transported to school by an adult.

All medication forms must be renewed each school year.

You can call to request forms or print them from the Health Forms tab on the side menu.

We do have some over the counter medications in the health office such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. If you would like these to be administered at school if needed please sign the medication permission section on the yearly Medical Health Information.

If your student uses an asthma rescue inhaler, has a life threatening allergy requiring an epipen, or other heath treatment plan, please notify the nurse to develop an emergency plan and/or anaphylaxis plan. With appropriate plans in place, students are allowed to carry and administer their own emergency medication (including albuterol inhalers, epinephrine auto injectors and insulin administered via pump). Again, plans must be in place so please contact me for information to set this up if needed.

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