About Us


Learning For Life!

School Motto

Striving To "Bee" The Best!

Vision Statement

L.R. Jackson in cooperation with parents and the community, is committed to providing a quality education in a caring and secure environment so that all of our students can reach their full potential and become life-long learners.

In other words..

L.R. Jackson is committed to providing the best education in a caring and safe environment so that all students can learn and reach their goals.

Mission Statement

L.R. Jackson is committed to providing a clean, safe, and engaging learning environment that enables all students to reach high level of academic achievement. We will prepare our students to become productive members in a culturally diverse society through: strong leadership, teamwork with parents and the community, and a structured research-based and data driven curriculum.

Core Beliefs

* We believe in providing a safe and healthy environment that is highly structured and cohesive with effective, engaging, rigorous, research-based practices, which result in a rewarding and successful learning environment.

* We believe teaching and learning go hand in hand; therefore, all students will learn with the participation and specific support of parents, teachers and community.

* We believe parental involvement is essential in supporting academics and social skills that will enhance the learning environment and promote the school's vision.

* We believe that if driven by high expectations, students will succeed with the support of effective teaching strategies therefore, producing lifelong learners who will become productive citizens in a diverse society.

* We believe successful teachers need quality training and resources in order to produce effective lessons targeting all types of learners.

* We believe every student regardless of race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender, or socioeconomic background has equal opportunities in all facets of the educational setting.

* We believe in utilizing advanced technology to enrich and inspire learning and teaching for all students and staff.* We believe all students, staff and community will be treated with dignity, tolerance, and respect, therefore promoting a safe and orderly environment for leaning.


* To increase the level of proficiency in Literacy and Mathematics in order to reach Adequate Yearly Progress.

* To access all available resources for continuous improvement.

* To actively engage all students in a curriculum that meets their different leaning styles.

* To properly promote and maintain a safe and clean environment in well maintained facilities.