Virtual Zen Zone

Welcome to the WMCHS Virtual Zen Zone! You do not need to be inside the building to experience "Zen" . Below is a large variety of resources to explore, try, and master. You have the control to choose whatever topic you would like, don't be afraid to try new things!


~ Before going to bed sleep, write down 3 things that you have really appreciated from today.
~ Go for a 10 minute walk and become focused on your surroundings.

~ Without any judgement, write down some distractions or negative thoughts you are having today. Take a moment to let these go.

~ Every time your phone alerts you to a text or call, take a moment to follow one full breath before reading, answering or responding.

~ Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand to help encourage attention to the present moment.

~ De-clutter part of your house or room today, helping the mind to feel calmer and clearer.

~ Drink a mindful cup of tea or coffee today, free from other distractions, focus on taste and smell.

~ Take a day off from social media or email today.

~ Notice the sensations today as you move from sitting to standing and standing to sitting.

~ Without forcing it, ask someone how they are today and and listen to their reply, free from opinion.

~ Commit to no screen time two hours prior to bed tonight.

~ Sit down and listen to your favorite song or piece of music and do nothing else while listening. Just close your eyes and listen.

~ Take two (5 minute) breaks today and follow your breath.

~ Give heartfelt thanks to someone today who helped you in some way.

~ Eat one meal alone today and focus only on the taste and smell.

~Take one full breath in and out before pressing send on a text, email or post today.

~ Get some exercise today and focus on the physical sensations.

~ Take 3 30 minute breaks today from your phone or computer. Set a timer.

~ Write a handwritten note or card to a friend or someone you have not seen in a while.

~ Do something that makes you smile today. Do something that makes someone else smile today.

~ Sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature. Birds, wind, rain, a passing car or any sounds that surround you. Close your eyes and just listen.

~ Pick up that book you never finished or listen to an audio book that you were interested in hearing. Let the story and the characters paint a picture in your mind. Allow yourself to be swept away in the story.