WebmasterRadio.FM programs 100% original exclusive enterprise-to-101- level digital marketing programs daily to millions of dedicated digital marketing professionals along our vast live streaming and super-syndicated podcast portal.

Our target audience:

•Age 25-54 •Early Adopter •Attended College •Owns a home

•Makes $75,000+ a year •More than 10 round-trip business flights in the past year

•Participates in Hardware/ Software purchase decisions for their company

•Participates in company internet marketing efforts

Our programming garners 200,000 downloads per month or 2 million downloads annually.

The bulk of our programs receive about 15,000 - 20,000 downloads per month.

Our 24-hour live stream has an audience of 5,000 to 10,000 unique listeners per week.

Since 2004, WebmasterRadio.FM continues our promise to produce 100% original programming for the B2B space with 100% original programming.

WebmasterRadio.FM has worked with the world’s largest search engine brands, as well as hundreds of digital marketing startups and mainstays.

We continue to report from the most influential digital marketing conferences in the world.

How can WebmasterRadio.FM build your brand?

Phase 1: Media Growth

One 30-second professionally written and produced commercial

100 commercials per month played over the network

Inclusion in WebmasterRadio.FM special promotions

Appearances on WebmasterRadio.FM’s Digital Marketplace or Discounts for trade shows and other media outlets

Phase 2: Media Magnate

Have your own custom-built podcast aired and archived on the WMR network, and distributed in podcast format throughout all of the major podcast portals including iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn. Includes Professional Media Training and Coaching, Brand Inclusion, Guest Procurement, Booking and Onboarding, & Preparation.

Phase 3: Custom-Built Event Exposure

Everything from exhibition discounts, on-location podcasting, roving reporting, plus brand promotion and placement from keynote presentations to nighttime networking.

WebmasterRadio.FM has always been what social media has always wished it could be, the virtual village voice of digital marketing, the educational knowledge base of entrepreneurship and the broadcast beacon of the business-to-business world.

For more information, please contact brasco@wmr.fm 561-246-7787