Single Day Showdowns - Level 5s

There a lot of great things happening in the new Single Day Showdowns - Level 5.

  • Non-members can play
  • Ranking points do count
  • Timed matches allow for multiple matches in one day
  • Tourneys typically only take 3-4 hours to play
  • Incentives - $50 for events with 8 and $100 for events with over 16 players
  • Please consider running one or two for your facility.

See below for more information

Here is the TDM Guide for these events. There are a few special situations, so please check it out and let Chris know if you have any questions.

Tournament Data Manager Guide.docx

This page shows the different options you have in running these events.

Single Day Showdown Scheduling and Scoring Helpful Hints.docx

Here is the way to create a free USTA Account for non-members to play in these events.

Creating TennisLink account.pdf

Please view the Budget Tool to see what your revenue can be from these events.

17 Single Day Showdown Budget Calculator - WMTA.xlsx