Junior Tournaments

For 2019, there is just one new change for tournaments

In 2019, there is a new option for Level 4 tournaments to be run in one day. These are call "Flighted One Day Level 4 Tournaments." The regular Level 4 tournaments are held over 2-3 days with generally an unlimited draw. The Flight One Day Level 4 Tournaments are held just in one day and have 8 players per draw. If more than that apply, then there will be a second draw in the same division and they will be separated based on rankings (top 8 in one draw and the next players in the second). These are two out of three sets with a tiebreaker for a third and players in draws of 8 are guaranteed 3 matches with the compass draws. Ranking points are about 70% of the other Level 4 tournaments.

The other one day events are the Single Day Showdowns - Level 5s which are also very popular and are described below:

    • Ranking points potentially available (if tournaments are gender based)
    • Non-members and members can participate
    • Often done in 4-6 hour time frames which are much more family and customer friendly events. Matches are often timed matches.
    • Usually compass draw or round robin
    • Each player is guaranteed 3-5 matches
    • Click Here for more details

Below you will find a GENERAL description of the differences in the Tournament Levels for Juniors.

Tournament Detail Chart Draft 11.4.16 JK.pdf

The link below is to the updated 2018 Points Per Round Table including the all 5 Level events!

2018 Points Per Round