Endorsement Procedures for the Jr. Midwest Closed


ALL players wishing to be considered for the Midwest Closed June, must register through the Tennis Link Registration System before the conclusion of our district qualifier. The following are the Tennis Link Registration ID Numbers:

BG12, 14: Okemos, MI (850080819)

BG16, 18: Indianapolis, IN (850016119)

*Only players that appear both on the District Endorsement List and in the Tennis Link Registration System will be considered for the event.

Player's must provide a registration confirmation and a contact phone number at this link:

Endorsement Player Form.

Or give the information directly to their district endorser. Deadline is before 11:59 pm, Sunday, June 9th.

Boy's Endorser-Tom Walker (twalker136@gmail.com cell # 269-598-8767)

Girl's Endorser- Oak Saad (oaktrees123@gmail.com cell # 269-217-2237)

*Qualifying for Midwest Closed

Western Michigan Quota is (4) Players:

The Champion, Finalist and both Feed- in Consolation Finalists* of each division will be selected for direct entry into the Midwest Closed Championships . "Players defeated in the semifinals will be fed into the consolation draw."

*(The WMTA reserves the right to alter selections based upon the possibility of injury, national/ international tournament conflicts or sportsmanship issues. Western Michigan will allow for legitimate requests for rare upper level play (Professional Futures, ITF Junior events, etc..) or extraordinary injury situations to be evaluated for a possible wildcard situation. If granted 3 quota spots will be played for (champion, finalist and feed-in champion). If not used the (4) quota spots will be (champion, finalist, 2 feed-in finalists(feed in consolation not played out). Wildcard applications must occur before qualifier the deadline and be made in written form to the district office.)

Sectional At Large Bids (26) Players Per Division:

In each age division, a list of endorsed players will be compiled. A varying number of competitors (no less than 26 from around the Midwest) will also be accepted into each division of the Midwest Closed. This procedure will be completed by the Midwest Tennis Association. Player selection is based upon sectional ranking/results. (Players ranked within the Midwest in the top 120 of their age groups should have a realistic expectation of Midwest Closed acceptance as long as all of the following WMTA qualifier requirements are met.


1. Players must fully play and complete their qualifier. These rules are as follows:

i. A player who does not play and complete his/her final match in the District Qualifier will not be eligible for endorsement to the USTA/Midwest Closed Junior Outdoor Championships;

ii. Play and complete is defined as playing all points including the final point of their match;

iii. A Retirement, Walkover or Default by a player in their final match (including any FIC matches) of the District Qualifier will cause the player to no longer be eligible for endorsement to the Midwest Closed;

iv. There is no appeal to play and complete rule. The district committee can however consider a player for the district wildcard in mid-tournament injury situations.