Player Information

When Are The Matches?

Spring/Fall/Winter: Matches are on weekends when courts are available.

Summer: Matches are on week days during the summer at local outdoor courts. Match schedules depend on the court availability.

How Can a Player Get Involved?

Players should talk to their friends from their tennis team, school or local facility about forming a team. Teams are co-ed and only need to have 4 players in order to participate. Teams can have up to 8 players. Players then need to ask a parent or coach to help out by being the Team Captain. The Team Captain will complete the Team Entry form (form link can be found here based on the program you chose to participate in) and get the process started with the WMTA district office.

How Can I Find Out More Information About How to Sign Up?

Please visit our main Junior Team Tennis page for all 2019 program dates and registration instructions. The page can also be visited by clicking here.

How Does a Player Register For a Team?

If players do not have a TennisLink account, they must first complete these instructions*:

*If players are under 14 years old, please skip this step and go to the next step!

How To Create a TennisLink Account

If players are under 14 years old, the USTA now requires the parents to create a free TennisLink account for themselves and the player. This is only for players under 14 years old who do NOT already have a USTA number or TennisLink account. TennisLink accounts can be created by following these steps:

How to Create a 14U Player Account.pdf

Once a player has created a TennisLink account, or if they already have one, players can register for the team by following these instructions:

How To Register For a Team