During the Season

Team Captains have pre-match and match day responsibilities for their team. The following is a check list of important steps that Team Captains must take, as well as appropriate corresponding paperwork.

Pre-Match Responsibilities

  • By Wednesday before each match, confirm player availability. Once you confirm that the minimum requirement of 3 players are available for the match, contact the opposing captain to confirm match and minimum player requirement
  • If you are unable to attend a match, assign an acting captain and distribute contact information to players and opposing captain
  • Set line up and have prepared for match.
    • Lineup/Scorecard based on age division, as well as instructions on how to set a line up are below.


District Score Card - 18s, 14s, 12s & 10s (Green Ball).pdf
District Score Card - 10 and Under (Orange Ball).pdf

How to Set a Lineup

How To Set a Lineup w/ 3 Players
How To Set a Lineup w/ 4 Players
How To Set a Lineup w/ 5 Players
How To Set a Lineup w/ 6 Players

Match Day Responsibilities

  • Bring one can of balls (for yellow ball teams only). We suggest you rotate this responsibility with players on your team.
    • Please note: Matches at DeWitt Tennis Center use balls provided by the facility. Green ball and orange ball teams also use balls provided by the home facility.
  • Exchange line-up with opposing captain 10 minutes prior to the start of the match.
  • Keep time for matches and warn players when they have 5 minutes remaining.
  • Record scores post-match.
  • Serve as an on-site resource for players and parent.
  • Enter scores into TennisLink within 24 hours of match completion.
    • Please note that Team Captain's cannot enter scores or see team information until all Safe Play requirements (training video and background check) have been completed.
    • Instructions on how to enter scores into TennisLink are below.

How to Enter Scores on TennisLink

How To Enter Scores on TennisLink