Before the Season

Team Captains play a vital role in ensuring the success of the program. The steps that Team Captains take allow players the opportunity to play fun and competitive matches in a safe and encouraging environment.

The following is important information for Team Captains prior to the start of the season to get their team and players registered and ready for the season.

Step 1: Recruit players and send them information about the program and session. Please feel free to direct them to the Junior Team Tennis page on this website which holds all session information.

Step 2: Register team online via the appropriate session Team Entry Form. Please see session information on main JTT page for registration details based on area and program. A team number will be sent to you via email once your registration is complete.

Step 3: Complete the required Safe Play Training and Criminal Background check via Net Generation. This must be completed every 2 years in order to be a Team Captain. Captains will not be able to enter scores or see any team information on TennisLink until all steps of Safe Play are completed. Instructions are as follows:

How To Become A Team Captain (2018).pdf

Step 4: Distribute team number and sign up instructions to players. All information will be in one email ready to forward to players but the following are all instructions players will need based on age:

If players do not have a TennisLink account, they must first complete these instructions*:

*If players are under 14 years old, please skip this step and go to the next step!

How To Create a TennisLink Account

If players are under 14 years old, the USTA now requires the parents to create a free TennisLink account for themselves and the player. This is only for players under 14 years old who do NOT already have a USTA number or TennisLink account. TennisLink accounts can be created by following these steps:

How to Create a 14U Player Account.pdf

Once a player has created a TennisLink account, or if they already have one, players can register for the team by following these instructions:

How To Register For a Team

Step 5: Familiarize yourself with Junior Team Tennis Guidelines (rules) so that you are prepared to support your players and parents throughout the season. Guidelines can be found on the second page of the session information which are all on the main Junior Team Tennis page based on session and division. You can also find them by clicking here. Training will be offered to new and returning captains before each season.

Step 6: The schedules for each session will be sent to Team Captains and posted in the Schedules tab. Please distribute the schedule to your players and parents once you receive the schedule from WMTA.