D. Scott Frew Scholarship


The Western Michigan Tennis Association is proud to honor one of our fellow past presidents with a junior scholarship program named for him. Scott dedicated many years to the District in numerous ways. His insight to grow junior programs to continue the growth in Western Michigan is what ignited the idea to provide this scholarship to one female and one male junior each year.

This scholarship will contain requirements approved by the Board of Directors. This program will be reviewed by the WMTA District Finance committee, with final approval of the entire board, annually after the deadline and announced in March.

This program is designed to attract our Senior High School tennis players looking for added funding. Scott's desire was to help as many junior players as possible and the District Board of Directors believes this is an avenue to grant that ability.

Program information, please supply the Scholarship Committee with two reference recommendation letters and a copy of your high school transcripts necessary to provide proof of grade point average.

The 2019 D. Scott Frew Scholarship Award Winners are Taylor Truman from Hudsonville and Vincent Orlando from East Lansing. Congratulations to both of you!