welcome back!!!

NEW BEGINNINGS- STARTING MONDAY, APRIL 6TH, please check Google Classroom for all work to be completed during a given week. On the 6th, start with the video in the stream section and then move on to classwork. Please use stream section for catching up and general chat AND the classwork section for school content and related questions. Remember to follow CLASS NORMS in terms of appropriate discussion language, etc.

3RD QUARTER- As of now, we haven't determined the process for 3rd quarter wrap up/grading. I will post updates as they come to me.


Please check your personal email accounts to find an invitation to join your student's (s') class. If you don't have one, check to make sure your student has accepted the invitation I sent to him or her- should be in their Athey email account. MORE TO FOLLOW..

PLEASE- Check out the additional assignment today, Tuesday, April 7th- just a quick check in