Popular Apps

Quizlet Live -

I know many of you have heard about or currently use Quizlet in your classroom to review material with students, but did you know about the Quizlet Live feature of the website? Quizlet Live uses the vocab flashcard sets you already created and is a game show style review that puts students in groups with each student needing to participate by using his/her own device. Instead of students answering questions individually on their devices, all possible answers are divided amongst the devices of all students participating. Only one student in the group will have the correct answer on his/her device, so every student must participate by looking at their answer choices to determine whether or not they have the correct answer. For example, if there are 3 students in a group and there are 12 possible answers, the answers are divided up with four on each device. Teams will race to get all answers correct in a row to win. Each time you play Quizlet Live, a new game is created. This means you will have a different version of the game even if you are using the same set of Quizlet cards.


Creating Concept Maps with Brain Pop -

Do you use Brain Pop or Brain Pop Jr. with your students? If so, you can have your students create concept maps with the Make-a-Map feature where students can take pictures while watching the Brain Pop movie and create a concept map with the pictures. This is a great way for students to show how ideas are connected and to demonstrate understanding of key vocabulary and concepts. They can start with a blank map or use a template. Some templates include a Spider Map, Vocabulary Map, Problem/Solution Analysis Map, and a Cyclical Relationship Map. Teachers can create a class for students to work individually on the iPad, or you can create a class concept map using the teacher account on your interactive board. Click the link below to watch a 1-minute overview of Make-a-Map.


The registration code needed for your teacher account is OMRV6599. This account will also allow you to assign videos and quizzes to students, and there are a variety of other projects besides Make-a-Map your students can complete within Brain Pop.

20 Video Project Ideas to Engage Students - Students love to create videos, so why not build off of that passion and have students create videos for class projects in school! Below is a link to an article called “20 Video Project Ideas to Engage Students.” There are ideas for all grade levels, and I can help you to make a project more age appropriate if needed. Most of these ideas can be done using the camera app, iMovie, or the Seesaw app. (This is an easy to use app for recording video and for adding captions and voice to pictures. It also acts as a whiteboard in which you can record what you are writing/drawing along with adding a voice recorded explanation. This is especially useful in the primary grades because of its ease of use.) Some of the ideas listed may mention other apps, but you do not necessarily have to use the app listed. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like my assistance integrating one of these ideas into your curriculum.


iMovie Trailers - Below is a link to the storyboard templates for creating iMovie Trailers. There is a graphic organizer for every theme in iMovie, so students can plan out their project before they jump into creating it. If you scroll down the website after the themed templates, there is a general brainstorming/planning template that students should start with in order to gather their thoughts on the most essential details they should include in their project. Students tend to want to dive right in, so these graphic organizers are an invaluable tool to ensure students don’t skip some of the most essential steps in the writing process of brainstorming and planning. As always, I’m here to help if you are interested in using iMovie with your students.


RAZ Kids - Some teachers have asked how to turn on the reading room in Raz Kids. All you need to do is go to your class roster, click on the Raz-Plus tab next to General, and “slide” the button over to turn Reading Room on for each student. It will show as being green when Reading Room is turned on. Some students may already be turned on in your class while others are not. If you need help, just let me know.

Also, we have discovered that students cannot utilize features such as highlighting and creating notes within a text when using the Raz Kids app, however, they can use those features when logging in through the website. You can add an icon for the website on the home screen of each student’s ipad to make it easier.

I came across this already made activity called “Winter Magnetic Poetry” that was created in Google Slides. The students create a poem by sliding premade “magnets” with various winter themed words. The screenshot below gives you an idea of what I’m talking about. They click on the word and slide it where they want in to be in the poem. There are 2 additional slides that just have the list of words, so the students can see ahead of time all of the available words to use to create their poems. You set the rules as to the type of poem they need to write and the number of words that must be used, or you can just leave it open ended. This can be done on your interactive board as a whole group lesson or individually on their ipads. If you need help utilizing this resource, just let me know!