Happy Hollow Reading Intervention

Who qualifies for reading intervention services?

The reading intervention program at Happy Hollow Elementary School is a general-education initiative designed to support students who are performing below grade level in reading. Students qualify for reading intervention services for one or more of the following reasons:

  • teacher recommendation
  • student did not pass the English/Language Arts portion of I-STEP
  • student received reading intervention services during the previous school year
  • scores on diagnostic reading assessment identify student as having skill deficits in multiple areas

When will my student receive reading intervention services?

Students who participate in the reading intervention program attend class with Mrs. Roe two days a week. Each class session is 45 minutes long. Students continue to attend their grade-level reading class daily.

What content is covered in the reading intervention class?

All students in the reading intervention program complete a diagnostic assessment upon entering the program. The results of this assessment are used to identify reading-skill deficits--as well as strengths--in the areas of comprehension, fluency, and word-attack skills. The student is instructed in activities designed to strengthen deficient skills, and progress monitoring is conducted to assess student success.

How do I know if my student is making progress?

If your student has a Response to Instruction (RtI) Plan, quarterly conferences are held with parents to review goals and progress. If your student does not have an RtI, progress reports are sent home at the end of each semester.