Social Studies

with Mr. Hanna

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Thursday, August 8:

SS7: Classroom Expectations & Procedures.

Sociology: Classroom Expectations & Procedures.

Friday, August 9:

SS7: Begin "Getting to Know You" activity.

Sociology: "Getting to Know You" activity.

Begin Chapter 1-1 notes together.

Chapter 1 Note Slides

Chapter 1-1 Note Sheet.

Monday, August 12:

SS7: Finish "Getting to Know You" activity. Distribute textbooks. Watch "Why we study geography" video. "What is geography activity." No assignment.

Sociology: Continue 1-1 notes.

Tuesday, August 13:

SS7: Distribute textbooks. Watch CNN10 and explain it. Discuss "What is Geography" letters. Begin Using Maps and Globes Note Sheet.

Using Maps and Globes Slides

Sociology: Wrap up 1-1 discussion. Assignment: 1-1 Guided Reading Sheet. Begin 1-2 Note Sheet.

Wednesday, August 14:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Complete some latitude and longitude examples.

Assignment: Latitude and Longitude Sheet.

Assignment Side 1

Assignment Side 2

Sociology: Complete 1-2 notes. Assignment: Early Sociologist Research Sheet.

Thursday, August 15:

SS7: Grade latitude and longitude sheet together. Any student that had trouble may redo the assignment). Fill out 5 Themes of Geography notes. No Assignment.

5 Themes of Geography Notes

5 Themes Slides

5 Themes Video (You Tube)

Sociology: Complete "Early Sociologist Research Sheet." Begin "Early Sociologist Poster" activity.

Friday, August 16:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Assignment: Core Concepts Part 1 Sheet. Due Monday.

Sociology: Finish "Early Sociologist Poster" activity.

Monday, August 19:

SS7: Grade homework together. Complete Core Concepts 2.1 Notes together. Watch CNN10.

Note Sheet

Note Slides

Sociology: Finish posters. Brief poster presentation.

Assignment: 1-2 Guided Reading Sheet.

Tuesday, August 20:

SS7: Discuss Core Concepts 2.2, 2.3 together. View video Clips. Assignment: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Question Sheet.

Seasons Clip

Layers of Earth Clip

Time Zones Clip

Sociology: Assignment: 1-2 Guided Reading Sheet.

Begin Chapter 1, Section 3. Take notes. Discuss Major Theoretical Perspectives.

1-3 Note Sheet

Note Slides (Fast Forward to Section 3).

Wednesday, August 21:

SS7: Grade Core Concepts sheet together. Discuss 2.4, 2.5 notes together and complete the sheet. Watch CNN10.

2.4, 2.5 Note Sheet

Note Slides

Sociology: Finish 1-3 notes and discussion. Assignment: 1-3 Guided Reading Sheet.

Thursday, August 22:

SS7: Finish 2.4, 2.5 notes together. Watch "Grand Canyon: How It Was Made" and answer questions on distributed sheet. Will finish tomorrow.

Movie link.

Question sheet

Sociology: Assignment: 1-3 Guided Reading Sheet. Begin 1-4 notes.

Friday, August 23:

SS7: Finish "Grand Canyon: How It Was Made" and question sheet.

Assignment: 2.4, 2.5 Comprehension Questions. Due Monday.

Sociology: Finish 1-4 notes together. Participate in an experiment.

Monday, August 26:

SS7: Grade homework sheet together. Fill in 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 Notes during discussion together.

Notes Slide Show

Note Sheet

Sociology: Stanford Prison Experiment question sheet with Slide Show.

Question Sheet

Slide Show Web Site