Mr. Hanna Social Studies

Welcome to Mr. Hanna's Social Studies web page. Please use this page to keep current with goings on in this class.


Thursday, August 9:

SS7: Classroom Expectations & Procedures. Get your copy HERE.

Sociology: Classroom Expectations & Procedures. Get your copy HERE.

Friday, August 10:

SS7: "Getting to Know You" activity.

Sociology: "Getting to Know You" activity.

Monday, August 13:

SS7: Finish "Getting to Know You" activity. Begin Unit 1. "What is Geography?" activity. Maps and Globes notes. No assignment.

Using Maps and Globes Slides

Using Maps and Globes Note Sheet

Sociology: Begin Chapter 1-1. Complete notes together.

Chapter 1 Note Slides

Chapter 1-1 Note Sheet.

Tuesday, August 14:

SS7: Finish Using Maps notes together. Distribute textbooks. Work on latitude and longitude assignment in class. Due Wednesday.

Assignment Side 1

Assignment Side 2

Sociology: Continue 1-1 notes together. Assignment: 1-1 Guided Reading Sheet.

Wednesday, August 15:

SS7: Grade latitude and longitude sheet together. Any student that had trouble may redo the assignment). Fill out 5 Themes of Geography notes. 5 Themes of Geography Notes 5 Themes Slides 5 Themes Video (You Tube)

Sociology: Discuss Sociological Imagination with short video. Begin 1-2 notes. No assignment.

Sociological Imagination Video

1-2 Note Sheet

Thursday, August 16:

SS7: Review the 5 Themes of Geography. Assign, and explain, the 5 Themes of Geography Story. Story is due Monday, August 21. Story Assignment

Sociology: Assignment: Early Sociologist research sheet. Explain and have work time.

Friday, August 18:

SS7: Core Concepts Part 1 assignment and work time. This sheet is due on Monday. Students can also finish 5 Themes Story.

Assignment Sheet

Sociology: Early Sociologist poster activity (page 2 of the research sheet link).