Mr. Hanna Social Studies

Welcome to Mr. Hanna's Social Studies web page. Please use this page to keep current with goings on in this class.

Thursday, August 9:

SS7: Classroom Expectations & Procedures. Get your copy HERE.

Sociology: Classroom Expectations & Procedures. Get your copy HERE.

Friday, August 10:

SS7: "Getting to Know You" activity.

Sociology: "Getting to Know You" activity.

Monday, August 13:

SS7: Finish "Getting to Know You" activity. Begin Unit 1. "What is Geography?" activity. Maps and Globes notes. No assignment.

Using Maps and Globes Slides

Using Maps and Globes Note Sheet

Sociology: Begin Chapter 1-1. Complete notes together.

Chapter 1 Note Slides

Chapter 1-1 Note Sheet.

Tuesday, August 14:

SS7: Finish Using Maps notes together. Distribute textbooks. Work on latitude and longitude assignment in class. Due Wednesday.

Assignment Side 1

Assignment Side 2

Sociology: Continue 1-1 notes together. Assignment: 1-1 Guided Reading Sheet.

Wednesday, August 15:

SS7: Grade latitude and longitude sheet together. Any student that had trouble may redo the assignment). Fill out 5 Themes of Geography notes. 5 Themes of Geography Notes 5 Themes Slides 5 Themes Video (You Tube)

Sociology: Discuss Sociological Imagination with short video. Begin 1-2 notes. No assignment.

Sociological Imagination Video

1-2 Note Sheet

Thursday, August 16:

SS7: Review the 5 Themes of Geography. Assign, and explain, the 5 Themes of Geography Story. Story is due Monday, August 21. Story Assignment

Sociology: Assignment: Early Sociologist research sheet. Explain and have work time.

Friday, August 18:

SS7: Core Concepts Part 1 assignment and work time. This sheet is due on Monday. Students can also finish 5 Themes Story.

Assignment Sheet

Sociology: Early Sociologist poster activity (page 2 of the research sheet link).

Monday, August 20:

SS7: Grade homework together. Turn in 5 Themes of Geography Story. Complete Core Concepts 2.1 Notes together. Watch CNN10.

Note Sheet

Note Slides

Sociology: Finish posters. Begin 1-2 notes (note slides included under Monday, August 13).

Note Sheet

Tuesday, August 21:

SS7: Discuss Core Concepts 2.2, 2.3 together. View video Clips. Assignment: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Question Sheet.

Seasons Clip

Layers of Earth Clip

Time Zones Clip

Sociology: Finish 1-2 notes and watch clips on early Sociologists. Assignment: 1-2 Guided Reading Sheet.

Wednesday, August 22:

SS7: Grade Core Concepts sheet together. Discuss 2.4, 2.5 notes together and complete the sheet. Watch CNN10.

2.4, 2.5 Note Sheet

Note Slides

Sociology: Begin Chapter 1, Section 3. Take notes. Discuss Major Theoretical Perspectives.

1-3 Note Sheet

Note Slides (Fast Forward to Section 3).

Thursday, August 23:

SS7: Finish 2.4, 2.5 notes. Watch "Grand Canyon: How It Was Made" and answer questions on distributed sheet. Sheet is due tomorrow.

Movie Link

Question Sheet

Sociology: Finish 1-3 notes and discussion. Assignment: 1-3 Guided Reading Sheet.

Friday, August 24:

SS7: Finish, grade, and discuss "Grand Canyon: How It Was Made" question sheet.

Assign "Core Concepts 2.4, 2.5 - Question Sheet."

Sociology: Begin 1-4 (Conducting Sociological Research) notes and discuss. Take part in sample experiment. No assignment.

1-4 notes

1-4 note slides (scroll down to Section 4)

Monday, August 27:

SS7: Grade homework sheet together. Fill in 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 Notes during discussion together.

Notes Slide Show

Note Sheet

Sociology: Stanford Prison Experiment question sheet with Slide Show.

Question Sheet

Tuesday, August 28:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Discuss and fill out 3.3 Note Sheet. Assignment: Core Concepts 3.1-3.4 Question Sheet.

Sociology: Discuss Stanford Prison Experiment together. Begin working on "Conducting an Interview."

Wednesday, August 29:

SS7: Grade homework sheet together. Work with a partner to complete "Climate Zone Chart." This is not homework...students will finish charts tomorrow, in class, with their partner.

Sociology: Continue "Conducting an Interview" activity. Due by end of period.

Thursday, August 30:

SS7: Watch short movie clip on World Climate Zones. Finish working on chart with your partner. Go through chart together. No assignment.

Sociology: Finish "Conducting and Interview" activity and work on study guide for quiz.

Friday, August 31:

SS7: Discuss and fill out Unit 4 notes together. Assignment: Core Concepts 4.1-4.3 Question Sheet. Watch CNN10 if time.

Notes Slide Show

Note Sheet

Sociology: Chapter 1 Quiz

Monday, September 3: No School (Labor Day)

Tuesday, September 4:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Grade homework assignment together. Watch 2 short clips on Fossil Fuels and Solar Energy. Begin work on the Core Concepts 1-4 Study Guide. This will be due, and will need to be checked, by the end of class tomorrow.

Fossil Fuels Clip

Solar Energy Clip

Sociology: Begin Chapter 2. Nacirema article. Complete 2-1 notes. Assignment: 2-1 Guided Reading.

Chapter 2 Slide Show

Wednesday, September 5:

SS7: Study Guide work time. Due by end of period.

Study Guide Key

Sociology: Turn in homework. Complete 2-2 notes. Assignment: 2-2 Guided Reading.

Thursday, September 6:

SS7: Review Game for test (Kahoot!). Watch CNN10. Test tomorrow!

Sociology: Finish and turn in Guided Reading 2-2. Assign small groups and begin to plan project.

Friday, September 7:

SS7: Core Concepts 1-4 TEST.

Sociology: Country Culture project work.

Monday, September 10:

SS7: Grade tests together and discuss. Go through Core Concepts 6.1-6.4 Notes together and discuss. No assignment.

Slide Show (Slides 6-13)

Sociology: Project work time.

Tuesday, September 11:

SS7: Watch CNN10 and discuss September 11 feature. Finish 6.1-6.4 notes.

Assignment: Core Concepts 6.1-6.4 Question Sheet.

Sociology: Last project work day. Presentations need to be shared before class tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 12:

SS7: Grade homework together. Go through Core Concepts 7 (Culture) notes together. No assignment.

Note Slide Show

Sociology: Country Culture presentations.

Thursday, September 13:

SS7: Finish the Core Concepts 7 (Culture) notes. Assignment: Core Concepts 7.1 & 7.6 Question Sheet.

Sociology: Continue presentations.

Friday, September 14:

SS7: Grade homework together. Watch: TedEd Video "5 Major World Religions." Assign: 7.4 Question Sheet.

Sociology: Finish last presentation. Begin Chapter 4: "Socializing the Individual." Begin 4-1 notes.

4-1 Note Sheet.

Chapter 4 Note Slides

Monday, September 17:

SS7: Grade homework together. Complete World Religions Matrix using Chromebooks in class. *Due Wednesday*

Sociology: Finish 4-1 notes together. Assignment: 4-1 Guided Reading.

Tuesday, September 18:

SS7: 25 minutes of work time to finish "World Religions Matrix." Then, students will answer "Religion Discussion Questions." Due tomorrow if not finished in class.

Sociology: Begin 4-2 notes and discuss.

Wednesday, September 19:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Turn in religion charts. We will discuss religion questions together. Complete Government & Economy Notes together and discuss. No assignment.

Notes Slide Show

Sociology: Work on 4-2 Guided Reading (due tomorrow). Complete 4-3 notes together.

Thursday, September 20:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Assignment: "Core Concepts: Government and Economy." Due Friday.

Sociology: Assignment: "The Socialization of YOU." Due Friday.

Friday, September 21:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Finish notes. Make any quick homework changes necessary. Grade homework together. No Assignment.

Sociology: Shortened period (pep rally). Assignment: Guided Reading 4-3.

Monday, September 24:

SS7: Watch movie clip about types of economies and government. Split into groups and answer discussion questions. No assignment. Test Thursday.

Sociology: Begin "The Truman Show" with question sheet.

Tuesday, September 25:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Go through discussion questions together. Begin work on Core Concepts 5-8 Study Guide.

Sociology: Continue "The Truman Show" and the corresponding question sheet.

Wednesday, September 26:

SS7: Finish working on the study guide, have it checked, and make corrections. Study Guide Key

Sociology: Finish "The Truman Show" and corresponding questions. Discuss questions. Return Guided Reading worksheets.

Thursday, September 27:

SS7: Play Kahoot! review game.

Sociology: Complete Chapter 4 Study Guide in class.

Friday, September 28:

SS7: Core Concepts 5-8 Test

Sociology: Resource Period (most students will be in convocation).

Monday, October 1:

SS7: Grade Test short answers together.

Assignment: Africa Map

Sociology: Chapter 4 Test.

Tuesday, October 2:

SS7: Start with movie clip about West & Central Africa. Go through 1-1 Notes together and discuss. Watch short clip on Malaria in Africa.

Assignment: 1-1 Question Sheet.

Note Slides (1-10)

Sociology: Go through 7-1 notes together. Introduce "Becoming an Ethnomethodologist" experiment to be conducted before class tomorrow. Students will be given time to answer observation questions in class tomorrow.

Chapter 7 Note Slides

Wednesday, October 3:

SS7: Grade homework together. Introduce and begin to learn the countries of Africa.

Sociology: Record observations from "Becoming and Ethnomethodologist" experiment and discuss. Assignment: 7-1 Guided Reading.

Thursday, October 4:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Reviewing African nations with Sheppard Software. Then, we will fill in 1-2 Notes and discuss together.

Note Slides (10-19)

Sociology: Begin 7-2 notes and discuss. 7-2 note sheet.

Friday, October 5:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Finish notes from Thursday. Assignment: 1-2 Question Sheet. Work time.

Sociology: Watch movie clip on Deviance and the Sociological Perspectives on it. Assignment: 7-2 Guided Reading.

Monday, October 8:

SS7: Grade homework together and discuss. Watch individual movie clips about West African countries and take notes.

Note Sheet


Sociology: Turn in 7-2 Guided Reading. Complete 7-3 Notes in class. Assignment: 7-3 Guided Reading.

Tuesday, October 9:

SS7: Use the text to fill in the 1-3 Note Sheet. Discuss and check notes together. No assignment.

Note Slides (Slides 20-29)

Sociology: Watch movie clip on crime and corrections. Finish 7-3 Guided Reading. Assignment: Deviance Article and questions.

Wednesday, October 10:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Assignment: 1-3 Question Sheet. Work time. Review African countries on Sheppard Software.

Sociology: Begin the Shawshank Redemption with question sheet.

Thursday, October 11:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Grade homework together. Review African countries on Sheppard Software. No Assignment.

Sociology: Continue "The Shawshank Redemption" with question sheet.

Friday, October 12: FALL BREAK - No School

Monday, October 15: FALL BREAK - No School

Tuesday, October 16:

SS7: West-Central Africa Study Guide. Work time. Due tomorrow.

Sociology: Continue "The Shawshank Redemption."

Wednesday, October 17:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Return Study Guides, check and correct. Study West-Central African countries. Test tomorrow!

Sociology: Finish "The Shawshank Redemption" with time to complete question sheet.

Thursday, October 18:

SS7: Chapter 1 Test.

Sociology: Begin 8-1 notes "Systems of Stratification." Rating Prestige Activity.

Friday, October 19:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Grade Chapter 1 Test together. Begin 2-1 notes.

Chapter 2 Note Slides

Sociology: Finish Rating Prestige Activity and 8-1 notes. Assignment: 8-1 Guided Reading.

Monday, October 22:

SS7: Finish notes and discussion from yesterday together. Assignment: 2-1 Question Sheet.

Sociology: 15 minutes of work time for Friday's assignment. Begin 8-2 notes. 8-2 note sheet.

Tuesday, October 23:

SS7: Grade homework together. Begin 2-2 notes. No Assignment.

Sociology: Finish 8-2 notes together. Assignment: Harvard article reaction.

Wednesday, October 24:

SS7: No Periods 2, 3, 4 due to altered schedule.

Sociology: Assignment: 8-2 Guided Reading.

Thursday, October 25:

SS7: Finish 2-2 notes together. Assignment: 2-2 Guided Reading.

Sociology: "Only What You Can Afford" group activity.

Friday, October 26:

SS7: Grade homework together. Watch "Geography Now: Kenya." Answer discussion questions with group in class. No Assignment.

Sociology: Finish "Only What You Can Afford" activity. Discuss. Begin 8-3 notes.

Monday, October 29:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Work on "Where I'm From" sheet.

Sociology: 8-3 notes.

All Chapter 8 Note Slides

Tuesday, October 30:

SS7: Grade homework together. Complete 2-3 notes together. No Assignment.

Sociology: Assignment: 8-3 Guided Reading. Introduce "Government Programs Pamphlet" project.

Wednesday, October 31:

SS7: Finish 2-3 notes. Assignment: 2-3 Guided Reading.

Sociology: "Government Programs Pamphlet" project work time.

Thursday, November 1:

SS7: Grade homework together. Assignment: Chapter 2 Study Guide. Due before end of the period tomorrow.

Sociology: Project work time.

Friday, November 2:

SS7: Finish study guide. Check answers. Review southern and eastern Africa countries. Test Tuesday.

Study Guide KEY

Sociology: Last project work day. Due by the end of the period.

Monday, November 5:

SS7: Play Kahoot!, review countries for test.

Sociology: Work on Chapter 7 & 8 Study Guide. Study Guide due before the test on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 6:

SS7: Chapter 2 Test.

Sociology: Review for Chapter 7/8 Test together.

Wednesday, November 7:

SS7: Grade Chapter 2 Test together. Begin 3-1 notes.

Chapter 3-1 note sheet.

Chapter 3 Note Slides.

Sociology: Chapter 7/8 Test.

Thursday, November 8:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Finish Chapter 3-1 notes together. Assignment: 3-1 Question sheet

Sociology: Begin Chapter 9-1 notes. Assignment: 9-1 Guided Reading.

Chapter 9 note slides

Chapter 9-1 note sheet.

Friday, November 9:

SS7: Watch CNN10. Grade homework together. Begin 3-2 notes. No assignment.

Sociology: Begin 9-2 notes. No assignment.

Monday, November 12:

SS7: Finish 3-2 notes together. Assignment: 3-2 Guided Reading.

Sociology: Finish 9-2 notes together. Assignment: 9-2 Guided Reading.

Tuesday, November 13:

SS7: Grade homework together. Watch "Pyramid" by David Macaulay and answer questions.

Movie Link

Movie Questions

Sociology: Begin 9-3 notes. Assignment: 9-3 Guided Reading.

Wednesday, November 14:

SS7: Finish "Pyramid" movie and questions. Go through 3-3 notes together.

Sociology: Finish 9-3 Guided Reading. Begin "Introducing the Americans" project.

Thursday, November 15:


Friday, November 16:

SS7: Finish 3-3 notes with movie clips. Assignment: 3-3 Guided Reading.

Sociology: Begin "Introducing the Americans" project work.