Math Intervention

at West Lafayette Intermediate School

The math intervention program at West Lafayette Intermediate School is a general education initiative designed to support students who are performing below grade level in math. Students attend Math Workshop class with Mrs. Kaverman two times a week for 45 minute sessions. All instruction is provided in a small group setting with no more than four students in a group.

Who qualifies for math intervention services?

Students qualify for math intervention services for one or more of the following reasons:

  • teacher recommendation
  • did not pass the math portion of I-STEP
  • received math intervention services during the previous school year
  • scores on diagnostic math assessment identify student has skill deficits in multiple areas

When will my student receive math intervention services?

Students who participate in the math intervention program attend Math Workshop class with Mrs. Kaverman two days a week. Each class session is 45 minutes long. Students continue to attend their grade-level math class daily. Students will not miss language arts/reading, math, lunch, recess, or specials to receive math intervention services.

What content is covered in the math intervention class?

The math intervention class addresses skills that have been taught in previous grades or grade-level skills that students have been exposed to but have not yet mastered. All students in the math intervention program complete a diagnostic assessment upon entering the program. The results of this assessment are used to identify mastery of grade-level skills, identify skill deficits as well as skill strengths.