at Cumberland and Happy Hollow Elementary Schools

Who qualifies for ENL/ESL services?

English as a New or Second language program at Cumberland and Happy Hollow Elementary Schools is a general education initiative designed to support students that speak English as a new language or second language and need help in improving their English skills. Students who have not yet achieved a level 5 on the WIDA Access test or WIDA Screener Placement test are eligible for ESL services. Students who score a 5 on the WIDA test are considered to be Fluent English Proficient but may still receive assistance if teachers believe this would be beneficial for the student in improving his or her English. Students that participate in the ESL program will receive assistance from Mrs. Parker or Mrs. Sadeghi at Cumberland, and Mrs. Swift or Mrs. Sadeghi at Happy Hollow, based upon the needs of the student and the student's schedule. All instruction is provided in a small group setting for 45 minutes during each class meeting.

When will my student receive services?

Based upon the student's needs and class schedule, students will meet with Mrs. Swift or Mrs. Sadeghi for two - five class sessions per week. Some students may be seen on a consultation basis.

What content is covered in the ESL program?

All students in the ESL program complete a WIDA Screener test upon entering the program. The results of this assessment are used to determine the level of assistance that the student receives in the ESL program. The student is instructed in activities designed to strengthen deficient skills, and progress monitoring is conducted to assess student success. Various tests such as Fry Words quizzes, knowledge of irregular verbs and vocabulary or spelling tests are regularly given in the ESL classroom. Students read stories, short books and magazines while discussing new vocabulary words and answering comprehension questions. They use vocabulary words and spelling words in skills activities and in writing projects. Journals are used in conjunction with reading and grammar lessons. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are practiced on a daily basis in the ESL classroom.

How do I know if my student is making progress?

All students that have not yet scored a 5 on the WIDA Screener Placement Test or WIDA Access test will participate in the annual WIDA Access testing during January or February of each school year, and parents will receive a report on their students progress based on the WIDA Access test. Parents will periodically receive information from the classroom teacher each nine weeks concerning his or her child's progress and improvement in using the English language. Parents will receive a list of helpful learning strategies for assisting their students during the school year.