9th Grade Advisement


Why Advisement?

The 9-12 Advisement Curriculum focuses on three main objectives, as outlined on the Advisement Syllabus:

  • Allow students to build a relationship with a caring, trusted advisement teacher
  • Help students become college- and career-ready and meet state requirements for college preparedness
  • Create a community of students within each advisement section, contributing to a more positive school climate

Why build relationships?

Research studies show that students who feel connected to their teachers work harder in school, spend more time on homework, receive better grades, and are more likely to graduate. Students who feel supported by their teachers have more confidence in their academic ability and are more engaged in learning. Positive student-teacher relationships can reduce aggressive behavior and defiance of authority

Why create a community?

Achieving success at school for teens is affected by the relationships between an individual and his or her class members. The existence of a welcoming and supportive classroom community can be a critical factor that can increase student motivation and self-esteem. Being part of a positive community can help to reduce anxiety and maximize health student interaction in (and out of) the classroom