The West Kent Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) is a partnership of eight secondary schools - The Judd School, Kent College Pembury, The Malling School, Mascalls Academy, Oakley School, The Skinners’ School, Skinners’ Kent Academy and Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School. It has been established with the aim of sharing resources and providing high aspirational learning opportunities for pupils. The projects also enable teachers to extend their professional development, free from curriculum constraints.

Launched 2019, the first two events were an evening lecture at The Judd School and a day of master classes at Mascalls Academy. The theme was chosen to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci,

In 2020, a lecture was held at Beechwood Sacred Heart School which followed the theme of sound.

Running alongside this is the West Kent ISSP’s involvement in the Tunbridge Wells Soapbox Challenge. Forming part of a new schools race the event is open to all local schools to build a go-kart from an agreed set of plans held centrally by Kent College. The project will be for Year 9 students and above.

It has been inspiring launching these projects and the journey is only just beginning. Stay tuned for an exciting future programme.