4th Grade

Math, Social Studies,

Reading, Grammar, Spelling

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Red Ribbon Dress Up Days -

Monday, Oct. 21: I Pledge to Stay Drug Free - Wear Red

Tuesday, Oct. 22: I "Mustache" You Not To Do Drugs - Wear a mustache (drawn, painted, or stuck on)

Wednesday, Oct 23: I Wake Up Everyday Drug Free - Wear Pajamas

Thursday, Oct. 24: Don't be tricked ~ Drugs aren't a treat - wear a Halloween shirt

Friday, Oct. 25: I know real heroes don't do drugs! - wear red, white and blue or camo to support our First Responders or Military Heroes

Mr. Dobos

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October 18, 2019



SCHOLASTIC CODE TO ORDER ONLINE (homeroom only): Scholastic Website: HC2P9

next order due on October 18

Mrs. Rometo

223 - Reading, Grammar, & Spelling

Homework - None


Scholastic Website: LXCNT

Order due: October 25th