Onam 2019

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Dear WISMA family,

Its that time of the year again.. Weekend trips for practice.. music from the basement.. organizers trying to keep the flock together.. all the summer fun.. It time to prepare for our big events - Onam celebrations and Christmas / New Year celebrations.

Firstly – please mark the dates : Wisma Onam celebration event would be on Sep 21 and Christmas / New Year celebration would be on Dec 7. Both events would be held at the Pewaukee High School.

Our theme for Onam this year would be “Koottayma” - “കൂട്ടായ്‌മ” .. celebration of our togetherness.

Our community has grown with new members and growing families.. and that gives us the opportunity to expand our celebrations to include more fun.

For Onam, we are planning for a fun-filled list of activities.. and not just for the celebration day, but for the whole week prior to Onam. The activities in our mind includes small tournaments for Chess / Carroms / Cards / Badminton, activities like Drawing / painting, cultural competitions for Singing, Musical Instrument performances. We are also thinking of organizing a Career / Education guidance session for and by our youth, before the schools and colleges reopen. In parallel, we are also hoping to launch an effort to develop an e-Yearbook with collection of literary / art / news contributions, and also have our smart youth develop an app for Wisma. We are looking for volunteers to organize these activities and hope to achieve some if not all of them.

For the Onam celebration day, we would like to attempt a visual treat of the actual activities that happen during the festival time in Kerala. Some of the events in mind are Pookkalam competition, stage performances showing Pulikali, Vallamkali, men / women / kids dancing to folk / classic / cinematic music, ganamela, theruvunadakam, skit, Church festival, Oppana / Eid celebration.

It is our vision to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to participate in area of their interest. And to enable this, we are going to open up the registration for Onam and Christmas / New Year together. This year, we will do it through a google form based registration.

In the google form, we would be asking for signup of members interested to coordinate / plan / choreograph events as we have suggested. And for signup of members interested to participate in the events. For children, we are dividing the groups as below 1st grade, Grade 1-2, Grade 3-5, Grade 6-8, Grade 9 and above. The program allocation will be done ensuring inclusion of all registered participants and considering coordinators suggestion as much as possible . We will be prioritizing for first promoting new organizers / coordinators, and alignment to the theme and Onam activities planned. Also, we will ensure that every participant / coordinator gets an opportunity between Onam and Christmas events, before allocating second events for anybody.

In addition to the celebrations, we would also like to call for discussion on the vision / mission and future plans for the association to ensure we have the right representation, influence and benefit for us as a community and for the people around us. More details on this to follow.

Lots of thoughts and apologies for long email. Signup genius Links for registration would be put up shortly. For any other suggestions or thoughts on the Onam + Christmas / New Year events on anything else, please do write to our email at wisma@wismalayalee.org.


2019 WISMA Committee

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Email: wisma@wismalayalee.org

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