COVID-19 Mask Donations

As we all are going through this challenging phase, we hope each of you are practicing social distancing and staying safe and healthy.

In response to the growing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for patients, staff and visitors in hospitals, WisMA has organized volunteers to produce masks and deliver them to local hospitals. This includes procuring the fabrics and accessories required to sew the masks, washing-ironing-cutting the fabrics into pieces and finally sewing the pieces to produce a mask.

These volunteers have contributed many hours of their time to support healthcare workers who are on the frontline of our fight against this global pandemic. More than 2500 personal hours have been dedicated to activities such as washing, ironing, cutting, driving, and sewing. Our sewing team deserves special appreciation as they were able to produce an average of 350 masks per week, even though many of them are still working full-time. Their efforts have greatly impacted the lives of many people who needed personal protective equipment. Here are a few statistics that highlight the scale of our community’s efforts:

We donated 1040+ masks to the following hospitals and are in the process of making an additional 375-400 masks.

  • Froedtert Hospital, WI (370 masks)

  • Aurora Health Care, WI (318 masks)

  • Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital, WI (325 masks)

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA (30 masks)

We are grateful to the volunteers who have supported us to help the larger community in this need.

We hope life will get back to normal soon with much better things to happen, do and care about.

Stay safe and healthy! Leaving you with a few pictures shared by the volunteers..