WISD Homebase

Mrs. Kara Arndt

About the Weslaco Independent School District Homebase Program

Homebase Services are for the pregnant WISD student who is ready to deliver, has already delivered, or is experiencing complications due to her pregnancy. The WISD Homebase program, for our pregnant teens, is the way to keep them in school, on track with their peers, and prepare them for graduation.

These are the basics of the Homebase program. Don’t think of this as a vacation; you are at home to work, rest yourself, have your baby, and care for your baby. But you are still in school.

· If your doctor has recommended you to be on bed rest, then you must be IN BED or lying down at all times

· You are allowed up to 6 weeks postpartum, after that time you will return to school

· You may choose to go back to school any time after the 4th postpartum week without doctor permission

· To return to school, FOR ANY REASON, before the 4th week, your doctor must give written permission

Committed to helping my students graduate from high school and lead a prosperous life

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