Digital Learning Day

February 28, 2019


Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning an instructional practice that effectively uses technology as a part of the student's learning experience that emphasizes high-quality instruction and provides:

            • access to challenging content,
            • feedback through formative assessment,
            • opportunities for anytime, anywhere learning,
            • individualized instruction.

#DLDay Suggested Activities

Classroom Activities

School-wide Celebration

      • Schoolwide Enrichment Period allowing students to sign up for the digital experience of their choice!
          • Plan your schoolwide enrichment around the ISTE Standards for Students
            • Empowered Learner
                • Geek Squad- train students to serve as Geek Squad leaders for your grade level, department, or school
            • Digital Citizen
                • Online collaboration projects
            • Knowledge Constructor
                • Student Choice research project
            • Innovative Designer
                • Makerspace Activities
            • Computational Thinker
                • Coding Activities
            • Creative Communicator
                • Create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital designs into new creations
                • Create visualizations, models, or simulations
            • Global Collaborator
                • Mystery Hangout- connect with learners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures
                • Use collaborative features of GSuite for Education tools to work with others locally or globally

Library Celebration

      • Makerspace Activities

Personal Learning for Educators

Digital Learning Day

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