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K-2 at Cleckler-Heald

K-2 at FDR

K-2 at Margo

K-2 at North Bridge

3rd-5th at Central MS

Fine Arts & Technology Institute

Students will apply for the grade level they were currently attending, not the grade they were promoted to for the new school year.

This program is for students that will be PROMOTED at the end of the school year. Students who did not meet promotion criteria will be invited to attend the summer school program designed for meeting promotion criteria.

Space is limited. Efforts will be made to secure spots for students from all 11 elementary schools randomly.

Program Information

Click on the links below to view the courses available for each grade level cluster and apply for consideration.

Dates and Time


        • June 5-June 28, 2017
        • 15 days, 4 week commitment
        • June 28: SHOWCASE! More details to be added.


        • Breakfast 7:15-8:00 AM
        • Class 8:00-1:00
        • Dismissal 1:00

Drop Off:

After drop off, all students will report to the cafeteria. Teachers will pick up students in the cafeteria at 8.



The Fine Arts & Technology Institute for K-2 students will take place at the campus assigned Summer School for the school your child attended throughout the school year.

Margo Elementary: Margo and Memorial students

Roosevelt: Roosevelt, Airport, Sam Houston students

Cleckler-Heald: Cleckler-Heald, Gonzalez, Silva students

North Bridge: North Bridge, Rico, Ybarra students


The Fine Arts & Technology Institute for 3rd-5th grade students will take place at Central Middle School.


Parents can choose to use the school bus service, or drop off/pick up.

Contact Information

Ron Bisset, Fine Arts Coordinator, (956)969-7116 /

Scott Amdahl, Director of Instructional Technology, (956)969-6559 /

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