Bike Week

Best Practices

Bike Week Best Practices

  • We encourage you to host events that follow guidance issued by your local public health department. Also, you may find public health and safety guidance provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services here

  • Virtual events are encouraged this year.

  • Family-friendly options are also encouraged! Check out our Safe Routes from Home activities for grade school level children.

  • Plan for the appropriate amount of traffic and keep everyone safe.

    • If you’re setting up near a bike path, treat the path like a road and keep it clear at all times.

    • If planning a ride, provide a map of the route ahead of time (Google My Maps is a great FREE tool)

    • Keep a first aid kit on hand for any rides you organize

  • We will not share any events with the public that promise food or beverage in a group setting.

  • provide disposable masks and hand sanitizer for participants

    • Make sure you consider the highest traffic times along commuter routes like trails and try to avoid planning events or rides at that time.

    • Please abide by all of the rules of the road. Remember you and your participants are personally responsible for your own safety. See Wisconsin State laws and safety tips on cycling HERE

  • Keep us updated with any changes to your events! SUBJECT LINE: BIKE WEEK