L&S Remote
Teaching Toolkit

This resource offers guidance for preparing rich and interactive remote courses during the COVID-19 disruption. Please use the materials in this site to step through a complete planning process or to make targeted refinements to an existing plan. For more information and resources related to the UW-Madison COVID-19 instructional continuity response, please visit https://instructionalcontinuity.wisc.edu/


TA Training for Remote Teaching

L&S is offering a 5-day online asynchronous training for Teaching Assistants focused on translating their TA role to a remote environment. This will replace the traditional in-person L&S TA training for new TAs. We encourage ALL returning TAs to enroll, too. We expect every TA will need to use some remote instruction skills this fall.

Please register at https://go.wisc.edu/q3x38v.

Professional Development Workshops

The UW Instructional Continuity team has a full schedule of workshops planned on various remote teaching topics. See the full schedule of events.


The L&S Remote Teaching Toolkit was created in response to the COVID-19 Instructional Continuity Response, led by L&S Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning Administration Shirin Malekpour. The toolkit is a result of exceptional cooperation, diligent investigation, and a deep commitment to the instructional mission of the UW-Madison College of Letters and Science. Thank you to the many instructors and support staff who contributed their time and energy.

Heather Allen (Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian)

Harry Brighouse (Professor, Department of Philosophy)

Antonella Caloro (Instructional Technology Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services)

Alison Caffrey (Librarian & Instructional Services Manager, iSchool)

Kimbrin Cornelius (L&S Administration)

Kristin Eschenfelder (Associate Director, School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences & Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in the iSchool)

Daniel Erman (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics)

Shawn Green (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology)

Jonathan Klein (Instructional Technology Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services)

Erwin Lares (Learning Technology Graduate Assistant, L&S Learning Support Services)

David Macasaet (Instructional Technology Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services)

Birgit Muehlenhaus (Instructional Designer, L&S Learning Support Services)

Mark Neufeld (Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services)

Theresa Pesavento (Strategic Learning Consultant, DoIT Academic Technology)

Nathan Phelps (Assistant Dean, College of Letters & Science)

Lauren Riters (Professor, Department of Integrative Biology)

Naomi Salmon (Instructional Consultant, The Collaborative)

Laura Schmidli (Instructional Technology Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services)

Sarah Silverman (Program Facilitator, Delta Program)

Sarah Thal (Professor, Department of History)

Steel Wagstaff (Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services)

Fabian Waleffe (Professor, Department of Mathematics)

Jim Williams (Associate Faculty Associate, Department of Computer Science)