Caitlyn Booms

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I am a fourth-year graduate student and an NSF Graduate Fellow in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently, my research interests are in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, and my adviser is Daniel Erman. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, where I worked with Claudiu Raicu for my senior thesis.


  • Here is the audio file from my radio interview on 12/6/19 with Stephanie Hoff, the host of "Women in STEM," a talk show on UW-Madison's radio station 91.7 WSUM.

  • Here is an article about the Math Bunker at Notre Dame, which I helped organize in 2017-18.

  • Here is an article about the new Women in Math group at Notre Dame, which I co-founded in 2018.