Ms. Bennett's Classroom

Ms. Jodie Hendsbee-Bennett

Grade 8 ELA Teacher

Grade 6/8 Reading Teacher

Winthrop Middle School

(207) 377-2249 ext. 4005

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Units Of Study


Parts of Speech, Comma Usage, Sentence Structure, Apostrophes, Clauses, Verb Tense



Narrative Writing, Argumentative Writing, Informative/Expository Writing


*Spooky Stories-Imagery

*Persuasive Essays

*Current Events Articles

*Letter Writing and Thank You Notes

*Research Papers


BHH- Book, Head Heart Close Reading Strategy

Notice & Note- Signposts Close Reading Strategy

Independent Reading

Class Novels

Short Stories

Behavior Expectations-

Everyone should be treated with kindness and respect!

In our classroom we...

Show Respect

Show Responsibility

Show Cooperation

Show Integrity

Show Compassion

3 Strikes And You're Out!

1st- Verbal Warning

2nd-Warning/Seat Change

3rd- Detention/Office Visit


Classwork is expected to be completed in class. However, if you do not use your time wisely you will have homework. You may have more homework before a project due date. I highly recommend that you read at least 20 minutes a day. The more you read and write, the better reader and writer you will become.