Winston Science 2020

Fair & Festival

Covid-19 Updates

With a heavy heart, we are announcing Winston Science event will not open for the 2020 season. Stay tune for 2021 fall updates. Please feel free to contact the school office via email or phone if you have additional questions.

What is Winston Science?

Winston Science combines the very best motivating factors for fostering competitive scientific curiosity, design thinking, and collaborative problem solving. Winston Science 2019 features two days of different fun and challenging competitions, as well as interactive scientific workshops (SciShops) for students in all grade levels. Registration for specific competitions and SciShops is required, as space is limited. Please feel free to register for multiple events to optimize your Winston Science experience!

Winston Science Mission Strands

Scientific Curiosity

Offering science-centered competitions and interactive SciShops, students will be exposed to the multi-faceted world of science through active participation. This experience will foster individual interest in science, technology, math, and engineering fields.

Design Thinking

Preparing for a future in which we cannot predict is of utter importance to educating a student for success in the world. Program offerings at Winston Science incorporate this model for learning in which students create prototypes as solutions to issues observed in the world today.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Team challenges and competitions allow students to work together to brainstorm solutions and experience the inevitable process of failure before achieving success. This fosters a sense of accomplishment parallel to many of the discoveries made within the scientific field.

Creative Expression

As a school with a heavy emphasis on the arts, The Winston School infuses creativity and artistic expression into many of our workshops and competitions at Winston Science. Through this, students are able to appreciate divergent thought processes and unique creations both individually and among a community of peers.

Competitive Spirit

Awarding prizes for individual and team entries, students can be publicly recognized for their scientific accomplishments and celebrated for their distinguished projects. Though the emphasis of Winston Science is on process rather than product, this competitive outlet allows each and every student to see the importance of exemplary work and determination.

Community Connectedness

With grades K-12 represented from a wide array of Dallas/Fort Worth schools, Winston Science puts scientific networking in the hands of the student as the community converges on The Winston School campus for two days of scientific exploration and immersion.

Winston Science 2019 Results

Click here to see the winners of the Winston Science 2019 competitions!

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