Kindergarten with Miss Bryan!

Kindergarten is a busy day full of learning, investigations and play. The school day starts at 8:00, though classrooms are open for early arrival at 7:45. Before 7:45 there is no adult supervision, and especially for our younger students it is helpful to bring them to the room in the beginning of the year so they feel comfortable with our routine. Mornings are very important, they are when we grow as a community, share with each other, and set the tone for an amazing day. Room 41 has two math teachers! Ms. Sarah is an ELL teacher who also co-teaches math in our class. This helps the teachers have more time to work with every child and meet each student where they are. 2xTheTeachers=2xTheLearning! After Math we have Unified arts, and then phonics and letter work. Next comes Lunch and Recess, which are fun ways to make new friends and get our energy out. We work on how to play and how to get along with each other a lot in Kindergarten. Ms. Sarah is also our recess teacher. When we come inside every child has fifteen minutes of mindfulness. Then we move into read aloud, literacy, snack and writing. We work hard on reaching each student where they are and becoming avid readers and writers. At the end of our day we have explore time, where through play we discover science ideas, talk about feelings and friendships, and work through exciting projects. Finally after reflecting on our day we say “see you soon” and our day is through.

Unified Arts Schedule:

Monday: P.E. with Coach B

Tuesday: Music with Mrs. Poland

Wednesday: P.E. with Coach B

We also have Library every other week with Mr. Gile

Thursday: Guidance with Mrs. Holcomb

Friday: Art with Mrs. Crandall

Don't Forget...

There is a lot to remember when it comes to school but these things will help make sure your student is taken care of each day:

1. Snack! Please send a snack for your child each day. If you forget or cannot provide one I always have extras at home.

2. Extra Clothing. Accidents happen, be it spilled milk or a playground mess, extra underwear, socks, pants and a shirt go a long way.

3. Winter gear! Once it gets cold don't forget that gear.