JFK Elementary

60 Normand Street Winooski VT 05404

Ms. Bell's Kindergarten


Welcome to Ms. Bell's class' web page. Kindergarten is an important developmental year. Students go from, at the beginning of the year, learning the letters and their sounds to reading books with 2-6 longer sentences on a page, and from learning how to read and write numbers within 5, to adding numbers to make teen numbers. It is also a time of growing independence and self-discovery. I hope, together, we can make this a memorable and special year for your child, a year which instills a love of school and discovery to be a lifelong learner.

News from the classroom will now mostly be provided to you electronically, thus saving paper and better ensuring the information makes it home to families. Please check each week's newsletter to read about what we are doing in class and to check for important information.