Resources for Staff, Students, and Families

August 30th, 2023 WSHS PD Training Materials

 Link to SWANK Directions -

Link to Schoology to IC Gradebook Directions -

Aristotle Directions -

Use the pulldown menus above to find detailed information and support links for staff, students, and families. 

The Distance Learning Launch Pad below has quick links to some of the most essential information for staff.

Distance Learning Launch Pad Updated 11/2020

Welcome to the resources site for staff, students, and families. This site is intended to help you navigate the various platforms and online tools we have in place to maximize student success.

To get a copy of a document that you can modify, simply open the document, and then click on File and Make a Copy. This will give you your own copy of the document, and will not modify the "master" copy. 

Please know that this is living document, and constantly changing to meet the needs of our staff and community. If there is something you need that you are not seeing, or if you have a resource that you think would be helpful on the website, please contact the Director of Learning and Teaching (