Student and Parent Guidance for Remote Learning

In order to limit any disruption to students' learning through this unprecedented time, in the event of a school closure, learning continuity will be maintained through our G-Suite for Education platform. All students within Windsor Academy Trust can login to their Google account to access the Google Classroom: our wonderful tool to facilitate remote learning during this period.

Students are required to login to their Google Classrooms daily, following their normal school timetable (unless they are ill, in which case follow school guidance). Through Google Classrooms students can access learning resources, complete assignments, respond to feedback left by teachers, communicate with teachers and watch screencasts (desktop recordings with audio narration made by the teacher). It is important that students get at least one hour of exercise and physical activity. See the exercise tab at the top of this page for lots of ideas and links to activities.

Our teachers across our Windsor Academy Trust family are incredibly hard working, conscientious and dedicated to students continued learning and we are rightfully proud of this. Teachers have worked exceptionally hard to ensure student learning continues.

Safeguarding students' welfare is of upmost importance to us. To ensure students safety while online and logged into their school account, the eSafe system will notify school of any unsafe internet usage.

We hope you find this site useful. See below guidance on Google Classroom and completing assignments. Please can students refer, in the first instance, to the Youtube clip providing an 'overview of Google Classroom' below before asking their teachers how to use various functions on Google Classroom'. There is further guidance towards the end of this page explaining how to contact your teacher. At the top right of this home page there is a guide on how to use a chromebook. Students will be able to access a tab for each school, at the top right of this home page, which contains additional tools to support students remote learning specific to the school they attend. If you have any technical issues, please complete the Technical Support Request toward the bottom of this page.

Thank you to our students for your commitment to your learning and to parents for your continued support.

Wishing you and your family stay safe and well.

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Contacting your teacher

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