The FF13 is our smallest hydrofoil with a 13cm chord, it is most suitable for proects for hydrofoiling craft such as dinghies, kite surfers and windsurfers. This extrusion is made from 6063-T5 Anodised aluminium, has a nominal wall thickness of 2mm and is based on a NACA0009 profile. It can be supplied in two standard lengths. I am happy to cut either of these two standard lengths to the length you require and this can sometimes reduce shipping costs, although I still charge full price for the parts as I cannot sell the offcuts.

110cm 1.6kg - £45

220cm 3.2kg - £90

The hydrofoil has a number of special features designed into the extrusion to help the builder to either reinforce, alter the profile of the extrusion or join the extrusion to other parts.

This slide show shows how these features can be used.