Stage One - Setting The Scene

The children begin the project as lowly crew members on board an Intergalactic Cosmic Transporter ship (ICT).

There first task is to generate a character name for use within the project. They character names will also be used to create teams that will be used during the project.

Character Name Generator

To create their character names we use a simple generator. There are two sets of six words...

  1. Star
  2. Moon
  3. Fire
  4. Ice
  5. Rock
  6. Sun


  1. runner
  2. chaser
  3. hunter
  4. digger
  5. breaker
  6. killer

We then roll two die to select a word from each list and combine them to make a "Luke Skywalker" style name for their character.

Coding the Generator

This generator could then be coded in python...

import random
a = ["Star", "Moon", "Fire", "Ice", "Rock", "Sun"]
b = ["runner", "chaser", "hunter", "breaker", "digger", "killer"]
roll1 = random.randint(0,5)
roll2 = random.randint(0,5)
name = a[roll1] + b[roll2]


This then leads to the ability to group children across the year group into teams...

Team Star | Team Moon | Team Ice | Team Fire | Team Rock | Team Sun

Which allows children to earn points on behalf of their team - and bonuses can be applied to individuals or teams.


Each class represents a different "ship".

My current classes are all named after moons in the Solar System so the Year 4 classes are...

  • Rhea
  • Puck

Therefore the two ships are the ICT Rhea and the ICT Puck

(Year 6, currently trialing this project have the ships ICT Charon, ICT Phobos and ICT Deimos)

This means that points and bonuses can be awarded to a ship as well as an individual or team.