Parent & Student Handbook

A Guide for Showing Trojan PRIDE!

This handbook is designed to familiarize the reader with the major policies and practices in place at Darden Middle School at the time of publication. While every effort has been made to compile a complete and encompassing electronic handbook, it cannot address all situations but it does provide general guidance in many areas. All previously issued handbooks and any inconsistent policy statements are superseded with the publication of this handbook. Darden reserves the rights to revise, modify, delete, or add to any and all policies and practices stated in this handbook and any other document.

Welcome to Darden Middle School!

Dear Darden Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! I hope you all enjoyed the summer break and were able to spend time with friends and family. Now let's get back to showing our TROJAN PRIDE!

Our focus at Darden continues to be strengthening relationships and strengthening instruction. Everything we wish to encourage -- growth, confidence, respect, and pride -- will blossom if we nurture the relationships between students, staff, and community. The faculty and staff are ready to guide the students on paths to becoming successful high school students. Family, we hope to have your continued support...I know I can count on you all!  

My personal goal is to offer you steady communication so that you are aware of school and district expectations relating to student conduct, dress code, academics, promotion, attendance, and athletics. Expect weekly phone calls and steady social media updates from me, and I’ll expect phone calls and emails from you anytime. Feel free to call me at (252) 206-4973, email me at, or make an appointment to meet with me at Darden! I am open to any conversations that will result in a healthy education for our students.

My loyalty to Darden is strong, and my expectations of our kids are high. We have such potential to grow, and the students will be afforded so many opportunities to shine. Won’t you join us in making Darden the best choice for our students? I look forward to our partnerships!


Jennifer Parker Fogerty


Darden Middle School