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Rita Bennett

Band and Chorus

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CONGRATULATIONS to our 2019 Honors Band Members: Nolan, Jaycie, Jasmine, Camila, Alexa, Mattison, Erika, Chyenne, Paris, Deleana, Jenisys, Logan, Asun, Zach, Victor, Mackenzie, and Hannah!!!

Rita Bennett earned a Bachelors in Music Education from Marshall University, a Masters in Music Performance from Bowling Green State University, and a second Masters in Church Ministries from Duke University. She has taught every level from Kindergarten through College in her career. Currently she teaches evening courses in Music Appreciation at Nash Community College and often works on the Musicals at Barton College. This is Ms. Bennett's sixth year teaching Band and Chorus at Speight Middle School.


7th Grade Band

7th Grade Chorus

6th Grade Band

6th Grade Chorus

8th Grade Band

8th Grade Chorus

Contact Information

School Phone Number: 252-238-3983

Email Address: rita.bennett@wilsonschoolsnc.net