Ms. Melissa Artis


I absolutely love working with young people . I have been in the field of education for sixteen years. I have been teaching for 5 years 4 of the 5 years in the public school system and 1 year of teaching at a charter school. I am a Exceptional Children Educator and I love the diversity and everyday I learn something new from them and I leave my job with such an amazing reward that I touched the life of someone and I reciprocated the same reward they touched my life. Exceptional Education Teacher Masters of Education Specialization Special Ed. North Central University

Exceptional Children Teacher at Fike High School

Daily Schedule

1st Block: Reading /ELA

2nd Block : Math 1

3rd Block: Lunch / Recess

4th Block: Social Studies

Contact Information

School Phone Number: 252-399-7905 (ext. 5056

Email Address: